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I have restaurant for sale in Gniezno

Kettyperry 1 | 3
19 Sep 2017 #1
Dear friends I have a restaurant for sale in gniezno
Please Check the link from link and for contact mail me please

describe your offer - no links or pre-published posts please
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
19 Sep 2017 #2
Is it on a lease or is it freehold, If on a lease what is the rental value pcm.
OP Kettyperry 1 | 3
19 Sep 2017 #3
Its lease , montly rent 2500 zł with one room flat
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
19 Sep 2017 #4
So you are trying to sell it as a going concern, but the fact is it is not working thats why you are trying to sell it for 110,000 zl isnt it ?

Anyone can rent a space and setup a kebab shop without coughing up 110,000 zl for a few bits of furniture and kebab skewers.

So tell me what return are you getting each month, and if you are making profit why are you selling and not employing a manager to run th business as a going concern, and of course continuing to make a tidy profit yourself.
OP Kettyperry 1 | 3
19 Sep 2017 #5
Bussnies is runing right now

Of course Anyone can setup kebab shop with in 110.00zl much or less you can change price like furniture and staffs I am selling ready business which is running more then 10 years

I am selling bussnies because of leaving country of family problems

Please for more information you can visit the shop
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,770
20 Sep 2017 #6
At 110k zloty that's a huge rip off. You can open a small restaurant esp a kebab stand for way less esp if you're leasing. I highly doubt your brand is worth it.

How did you even arrive at this number ?
OP Kettyperry 1 | 3
20 Sep 2017 #7
Dear friends

if anyone interesting to buy restaurant in gniezno can Contact with me Restaurant is open every day. Business is still running. Normally I don't want to sell but reason of selling i will leave the country cos of family problem that's way I am selling restaurant

If you are interesting please contact with me and you can visit the shop anytime.

Price is negotiations if you really would like to buy we can talk about it

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