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Food export, Poland to Sweden

Schill 1 | 3
5 Jul 2017 #1
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a business partner in Poland.

The market for food boxes is growing in Sweden as people lack the time to cook their own food. Swedes also want to eat healthy food which is hard to find when buying food boxes, at least for an affordable price. But by making the food boxes in Poland, where the salary and food prices are lower than in Sweden, I am sure it would be possible to create a profitable business. The fitness and health industry is also booming in Sweden so the market demand for healthy food boxes is increasing rapidly.

I am looking for business partner in Poland, preferable a restaurant owner, but it could also be a person with connections in the restaurant businiess. Speaking English is a requirement as I unfortunately do not speak Polish.

I have good experience from doing business with other countries from previous and current job positions.

Are you interested? Send me a meassage!

Best regards,
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
5 Jul 2017 #2
Have you thought about the logistics? Transporting fresh food is expensive, particularly on the Poland-Sweden ferry routes.
OP Schill 1 | 3
5 Jul 2017 #3
Hi Delphiandomine,

Yes I have and I´m aware of the several logistic issues with fresh food. That is why I´m considering to go with frozen food boxes. I have been in contact with transport companies and by transporting frozen boxes by truck it can be quite economically. Of course a lot of people prefer fresh food but the market for frozen food boxes seems quite good as well.

Br, Daniel
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jul 2017 #4

You can pitch your proposal to Hortex in Skierniewice. They are a major producer of frozen foods in Poland, and are close to the logistical center of Poland, Łódż. Another company you can try is Agros Fortuna in Łowicz.
OP Schill 1 | 3
5 Jul 2017 #5
Hi DominicB,

Thanks for the suggestion!

However, I am more looking for a restaurant kitchen that can do more customized cooking. The idea is to have 5 - 10 different meals (boxes) which are rich of high quality proteins (30 - 50 g per meal) together with good carbs and fat. A meal can for example 200 g of chicken, rice and vegetables, without any additives that big companise massproducing food are using. It will be like typical food for people going a lot to the gym aiming to build muscle and get into shape.

Br, Daniel
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jul 2017 #6

The kitchen is easy. What is difficult is finding a company that is able to flash-freeze large quantities of food and store and transport it properly.

Hortex specializes in frozen vegetables, and also produces some prepared foods, as well, so they have the kitchen facilities for your project. They are also located in the center of the garden agriculture region of Poland, so there is a ready source of high quality fruits and vegetables. A lot of the additives you mention are not necessary in the case of frozen foods, so that will not be a major problem. Hortex also has expertise in properly packaging frozen foods, and in shipping them to foreign markets. You're not going to find many restaurant kitchens that have the necessary expertise and equipment to produce and ship frozen meals without a major investment in resources. That approach might work with fresh prepared meals that are going to be sold immediately very near the place of production, but freezing and shipping require high tech and expert experience.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,133
5 Jul 2017 #7
flash-freeze large quantities of food

Thats going to be a poor product , but great for a mission to mars
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jul 2017 #8
Thats going to be a poor product

Quite the opposite. Flash freezing is by far the best way to preserve food quality. Freezing in a normal home or restaurant freezer is going to compromise quality, and would require additives.
OP Schill 1 | 3
5 Jul 2017 #9

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. I´m sure Hortex has all the necessary equipment and facilities, but I´m not sure a company of that size would be willing to make customized food boxes as I describe, or do you think so? Don´t you think they are only interested in selling their standard products in big volumes?
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jul 2017 #10

Their R&D department is always open to new ideas. If you have a solid and concrete proposal, they will be willing to consider it. Same with Agros Fortuna. By the way, this is one market that is going to expand rapidly in Poland in the near future, so you will probably find out that the R&D team has already done some research into this area, and would appreciate your input.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
6 Jul 2017 #11
By the way, this is one market that is going to expand rapidly in Poland in the near future

Not if Sanepid have anything to do with it. They already raided and shut down several companies doing this, and it's very, very difficult to meet their requirements with such a service.

Of course a lot of people prefer fresh food but the market for frozen food boxes seems quite good as well.

That's fascinating, though it shows you've done your homework.

I'd try posting on Facebook groups connected with Gdańsk, as you won't want your supply chain to be too long.

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