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Buy Ancient Artifact/ Actiquities In Poland

Netens23 1 | 1    
1 Dec 2018  #1
I am a little hesitant to make this proposal not knowing who you are but since it is for mutual benefits, i am emboldened to do it trusting that you are both honorable and reliable. What i need is an honest that will act as an intermediary in the purchase and sales of an ancient artifact. I do not know if you will be interested but kindly carefully read the content of this email, digest it and let me have your opinion.
Richthecat 6 | 57    
2 Dec 2018  #2
definately a scam watch out people
OP Netens23 1 | 1    
2 Dec 2018  #3
This is not a scam okay
polishnotes - | 2    
2 Dec 2018  #4
Tell me more about your proposal.

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