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Looking for business partner / selling travel service in Poland

visiton 1 | 1
10 Jun 2018 #1
I am an owner of a travel service I was developing since the end of 2016 - . Currently we are team of 5 people that work on making the service even bigger, yet in order to spread it, we need to develop new features - like multilingual support. We are looking for someone willing to inves in our service or, in case someone would be interested in buing it - we are open for conversation. Why I also consider selling it? After all, I am aware that someone may have better idea on how to develop further, also I am involved in other projects.

I am open for suggestions
deevir - | 3
18 Jun 2018 #2
I may be interested. I am a US citizen of Indian origin. I am moving to Poland next month and am in search of some business. you may reach me at


OP visiton 1 | 1
26 Jun 2018 #3
e-mail regarding sent via gmail mailbox so it guarantees it will be delivered (hopefully)

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