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Percentage of Profit for my Business-Partner in Poland...?

6 Nov 2012 /  #1
for example if i have the investment of 100% in a Doner-Kabab-shop and i dont have to work there niether i know the polish language but i would just have to give my time properly at the shop. And if i have a business partner with myself who have 0% investmentin this shop... but he have the skills n experience related to this business n He will properly work at the shop, he knows the polish language also... so what should b the percentage of my business-partner from total profit... 20% or 30% or 40% or more ???

By the way he doesn't want to work as an employee at the shop... he just want to b partner... Thanks for your answers in advance!
6 Nov 2012 /  #2
It depends on how much time you both will work in the shop. Time is money.
OP Jazab  
6 Nov 2012 /  #3
most probably, I will give the same time at shop as my partner will give... but i will sit and collect the money as a cashier and he will work like making doner-kababs etc and dealing with customers etc...
6 Nov 2012 /  #4
You should get 25% net net net( meaning after taxes)he as an managing partner gets15 to 20% of net net of the shared profit rest goes shared 50% thats the general rule in business again you can make whats convenient for yourself.
OP Jazab  
6 Nov 2012 /  #5
can you please explain in easier way...thanks!
6 Nov 2012 /  #6
If you don't understand that it sounds like you shouldn't be operating any sort of business buddy.. stick to teaching english.

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