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Any Idea where I can get top soil near Gdansk?

gdj67 15 | 154
30 May 2013 #1
Have been trying to get about 8cubic meters of good 'top soil' (czarnoziem in Polish) without much luck. We keep being offered stuff that looks, and smells, like it's been dug up from the side of the road. Does anyone know of any place in or around Gdansk that may be able to help. We are actually about 30km south of Gdansk near the Mierzeszyn.

Looker - | 1,139
23 Oct 2014 #2
Contact the "Gravel" company located in Gdansk

They had in their offer the chernozem you needed:

For sale sifted chernozem for 25 zł / m3 gross
Fertile land (top soil with small amount of sand) is ideal for creating gardens, parks, lawns, reclamation of brownfield sites.
When ordering in bulk min. 12 m3 delivery in the Tricity - FREE !!
In other cases, the price of transport to be arranged.

Check also other offers for czarnoziem at this site, write your own advert.

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