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Gift idea for a Pole living in US

27 Jan 2010 /  #1
My son's piano teacher in the US is Polish. I have a friend travelling to Poland. Any ideas on something hard to get here that she might like from Poland? Something nice?

27 Jan 2010 /  #2
A piece of Polish crystal may be nice, such as a small flower vase.
27 Jan 2010 /  #3
something Amber might be nice?
27 Jan 2010 /  #4
You can buy pretty much anything Polish in Chicago or on-line. Maybe get her something pertaining to music, like a wind-up piano box. Go to a music store and look at their gift section.
OP blancoal  
28 Jan 2010 /  #5
Good advice that I could go online or to Chicago. The advice I'm looking for would apply for that mode of purchase as well. I would like advice from Poles on what might be a good gift - something that she probably wouldn't think of buying for herself or find/see all the time in daily life in the US (outside of a Polish neighborhood in Chicago). Something that maybe she used to have or see all the time when she was growing up in Poland, that is not common here.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
28 Jan 2010 /  #6
fuzzy krecik house shoes
OP blancoal  
28 Jan 2010 /  #7
Forgive me, but I was unable to find fuzzy krecik house shoes on the web to see what they were. Can you point me somewhere? thanks.
1 Feb 2010 /  #8
Polart and a store called Poland by Mail in the US has great stuff, including the slippers the other poster talked about, but the cost per item and the shipping will really get you!

If you live outside what I call the major Polish cities in the US and can't get to a Polish store, try them out. A friend ordered dried Polish mushrooms and some ethnic dolls from Polart and was very pleased.

And if you have a lot to spend, I second the idea that amber is a good idea; Baltic amber is beautiful and highly prized.

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