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hangin' out in Warsaw

27 Apr 2012  #1
anybody up to do something today/night in warsaw? i'm new here and would like to hang out with some people.
The Shadow 3 | 86
27 Apr 2012  #2
Well, our group is getting together tomorrow afternoon for about 5 hours and, again, next week to see the Battle of the Nations.

Our group is a group of Dungeons and Dragons role-players in Warsaw - you get to look at a person's personality that way. And have a good time too pretending to be someone else through verbal imagery. It's for expats only. And it's an international group of English speakers.

We don't only role-play together, of course. But we meet people that way first, then decide if we want to be seen in public with them. ;-D

...see, by your post above, it appears you don't actually have a profile to interact with here. Being disenguine would rule you out from meeting us. We're pretty interactive people. Just saying.
roskilde0906 - | 2
28 Apr 2012  #3
hi..the shadow..i m the new in town ..and hope to be that group..i don't know how to contact or...this is my can write to me ..thanks..
The Shadow 3 | 86
28 Apr 2012  #4
You can always Private Message me.... by clicking on my profile name "The Shadow"

I am off to the group now. I have a story to prepare/organize ahead of the game.
SigSauer 4 | 413
1 Dec 2018  #5

Meet up tonight in Warsaw?

Long time no talk everyone......made the move to Warsaw.....anyone interested in grabbing a drink tonight around Nowy Swiat? Just moved into a new flat on Emili Plater so looking to meet some cool people.

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