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Where to find English - speaking community in Warsaw?

Basha Activity: 1 / 4
Joined: 12 Oct 2008 ♀
12 Oct 2008  #1

I was just thinking about English-speaking community in Warsaw. I've realised that is so many foreigners’ people living or working in Warsaw. It would be great to have a place where we (polish people) can meet with them, talk about their culture, tradition, work or even problems.

So no one fell lonely.
My brother in law is Spanish. He’s married to my sister for almost 10 years. He used to and he still likes polish people but something changed when he came to work in Warsaw. He said that polish people prefer to stay in they own circle of friends.

He tried so many times find a similar language with them but with out any effect.
I think is time to change that.


vndunne Activity: 43 / 280
Joined: 12 Jan 2007 ♂
13 Oct 2008  #2

Hi. A good start woudl be the irish pubs - Bradleys and Bar Below. Check out the english publications such as poland monthy and new warsaw express as they sometimes have details of meeting for expats. Also, you might try get hold of a tourist magazine inyourpocket as thay normally has details of where expat meetings happen.

good luck
kredi Activity: - / 4
Joined: 8 Jan 2010 ♀
8 Jan 2010  #3

Looking for English speaking ppl in Warsaw

Used to live in London for a while and really miss speaking English with natives. I would love to go out and have a coffee with prson from UK or USA. If you fancy having a cuppa with Polish girl give me a shout :-)
13 Jan 2010  #4

I would love that.
Chipmunk Activity: 12 / 61
Joined: 15 Aug 2009 ♀
20 Jan 2010  #5

Marine House Parties :)

I as well would love to get together with more people who speak English! I definitely need to make some more friends here and those outside the embassy. Those people are scary. :P
jonni Activity: 16 / 2,497
Joined: 27 Nov 2007 ♂
20 Jan 2010  #6

Have you heard of the International Womens Group? They have an office in the LIM Centers at the back of the Marriott. People say it's a really good way to eet English speakers. Most (but not all) members are in PL due to their partners' jobs.
Ewa Anna  
21 Feb 2016  #7

Could anyone recommend any places to hang out with international background?
I spent a lot of time growing up in UK, and I feel like a stranger here. Anywhere else than the irish pubs?
jon357 Activity: 55 / 10,756
Joined: 15 Mar 2012 ♂
21 Feb 2016  #8

Try Legends Bar. Also look at the Facebook page for Professionals in Warsaw. Their parties aren't my kind of thing, but I did turn up at one to meet a friend who goes and they're mostly youngish and some are from Britain.
Ewa Anna  
23 Feb 2016  #9

Thank you! :)
InPolska Activity: 12 / 2,049
Joined: 19 Jun 2015 ♀
23 Feb 2016  #10

@Ewa: do hang around British and American Schools! You'll meet a lot of people. As to International Women, I have a friend who used to go there and she has stopped: a lot of snobs (not only from English speaking countries but from everywhere else - everybody is welcomed as long as they speak English. For a while, I wanted to but 1. no time (work min. some 30 hours per week) and 2. I don't like snobs) and their activities are mostly during day (not easy when you work) and very expensive...

In my opinion, best to hang around British and American Schools. I personally know quite a few of parents thereof. Even if you don't have kids, don't hesitate!
23 Feb 2016  #11

Please do do not be too hard on Inpolska, she and I are probably from more innocent time where we did not have to focus on the many perils that purvey our society today. Luckily in Poland the young are relatively safe compared to the rest of Europe.
InPolska Activity: 12 / 2,049
Joined: 19 Jun 2015 ♀
24 Feb 2016  #12

@Dolno: thanks :) but as a non native English speaker, by "hanging around", I meant "to have contacts with" and of course not physically standing in front of gates ;). I meant through contacts WITH the schools (through PTAs....). Personally as a non drinking person, I'd rather meet people in "heatlhier" conditions than in bars (ok for me to go to bars WITH people (which I do) but not as a mere way to meet people (which I do not) ;).
24 Feb 2016  #13

InPolska " "hanging around", I meant "to have contacts with""
I know what you meant, but another poster didn't, the mods put their reply to you in the bin see #1,874

My comment to that appears somewhat out of context now.
InPolska Activity: 12 / 2,049
Joined: 19 Jun 2015 ♀
24 Feb 2016  #14

@Dolno: ok! ;). In my culture, too, it means "to have contacts with" but obviously the other (new?) member played around ;);).
18 Nov 2016  #15

Does anybody in Poland have information on Tomato Plants called Polish A B and C ?

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Where to find English - speaking community in Warsaw?
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