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Does anyone know how to find an English-speaking accountant in Poland?

20 Aug 2012 /  #1
I've just moved to Lodz and I need to find an accountant to explain Polish tax etc to me (I want to open a small business). Does anybody know an accountant who speaks English, or knows how I can find one?

20 Aug 2012 /  #2
I think it'll be quite difficult to find one. I run my own company here and have found great difficulty tracking down an english speaking accoutant.

The ones I i have dealt with however, are patient and understanding. You could always bring a friend or someone to translate.
If you find one let me know, I could use the help.

Best of luck.
OP Accountantplz  
21 Aug 2012 /  #3
Thanks - it's proving to be difficult.
23 Feb 2016 /  #4
Merged: Good Accountant For Self-Employed in Poland? I'm in Poznan.

I am new in Poznan and looking for accountant. It can be also remote the assistance. Anyone know any person or company service?

Many thanks
23 Feb 2016 /  #5
Are you looking for an accountant who works for you, or are you looking for a company service you can work for ?

24 Feb 2016 /  #6
I am open for both options, either an accountant or and company serivice. Do you have a reference or sugestion?
The amount of work is not big since at the moment I am self-employed, and not a corporate. I am needing tax advice, and tax declarion services.

Many thanks
25 Feb 2016 /  #7
I this what you are looking for:
Guy de belem  
20 Sep 2017 /  #8

A good accountant in lódz - tax advice for brit with UK income

Anyone know of someone able to give good advice for paying tax in Poland.
I am currently doing my best to stay out of Poland just slightly longer than the 183 days so I don't cop for being taxed on UK income.

I have a very small UK company which takes in anywhere from 30 to 50 k profit - of which i might take out 20 000 or so for myself to spend ,,,,leaving the remainder in the company account.

It occurs to me that if I do stay in Poland over the 183 days I'll have pay Polish taxes on that income...which i don't really want.

I figure that if I put 50000 thru in the UK then I'd probably about 8000 in tax Poland i suspect this would double.
Anyone know of an accountant who knows his business and can advise ?
20 Sep 2017 /  #10
I have a child in Poland - the mum let's me see her for an hour each week.
So that's why I go to Poland.
Since its every week - it makes no sense to fly home often.
In fact I considering dumpING my rented flat in London.
With Brexit coming up I figure it would be as well to get some residency in - ie do 183 days a year.
I've read if you are in Poland for more than 183 days per calendar tax year ( 1st Jan to 31st december) your on the hook for being taxed on UK income.

I already pay all taxes due on that income in the UK ( combination of company / div tax and using the normal tax allowances etc)
Most years the cash just stays in the company account - so can't be touched in Poland authorities anyway.
Some years like last year I withdraw 20 / maybe 30 or so grand for myself from the company - which I can draw having already paid corporate tax and 6.7 per cent div tax etc.

I like the idea of working in Poland - if only for something do while I'm here ...
Don't mind paying Polish tax on that.

But I do object to telling the Polish tax man about income already taxed in the UK ...and getting a Polish tax bill on the same cash.
21 Sep 2017 /  #11
Maybe try Taxcare, it's a network of small tax accountants and they will have someone ne who speaks English, or Neotax which specialises in U.K. / Polish issues - it would cost you a couple of thousand zloty for advice but worth it in your case.

If you have a limited company and are paying yourself dividends then you might have lower tax in Poland - divid nds are taxed at 19 percent in Poland whereas in U.K. I think they are added to your income and taxed at the marginal rate. On the other hand you have a tax free allowance in U.K. where your first 5k is tax free. So a lot depend on whether your business is still growing or just ticking over.

You have some opportunities to play around with the timing of your dividends due to different ends of th tax year - that s why you should see an accountant

Ps - you won't pay tax twice on the same cash - there is a tax treaty between Poland and the U.K. that will probably survive Brexit. However the Polish govt have revived plans to get tax from Poles based in U.K. - that is a medium term risk if the UK would put in reciprocal rules but it's just rumours a the moment.
22 Sep 2017 /  #12
Thanks for replying CMS - I'll Google neotax.
11 Jan 2018 /  #13

Individual tax adviser


Can anyone refer me a tax adviser providing service to individuals?
26 Mar 2019 /  #14

English Speaking Accountant - Dolny Slask, Poland

Good afternoon

I would be very grateful if anyone on here could recommend an English speaking accountant to me. In particular I am looking for one based in the Dolne Slask region. Thank you very much.

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