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Prospective Marriage Visa - Australia

wolfganghuggle 1 | -
13 Sep 2011 #1
Hi. I'm an Australian. Engaged to a Polish woman. We are young - mid 20s. Was wondering if anybody out there could write about their experiences. We've applied for a prospective marriage visa and were told that my wife to be should expect an interview within three months. Those three months came and went. So now wondering what to do. E-mail the embassy? Call them? Really not sure what to do... :O(
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
13 Sep 2011 #2
Are you applying from Poland?

Check out this thread: Australian Spouse Visa For The Polish

This response in Particular from Moniccca:

"HI ianaus,

all partner visas for AU are processed in Berlin now if you apply in EU. It takes about 6 months. It can take longer if they require more documents - they are very strict (Germans... ;). Make sure you send all required documents together.

All necessary info you can find on the immigration web site: it is the best source. Calling embassy in London and in Warsaw will only confuse you as each embassy gives different information... I'm speaking from experience ;)

Good luck! "

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