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Can My Polish girlfriend get a working visa in Australia??

26 Oct 2008 /  #1
Hi there. My Polish girlfriend is currently living in the Uk and she would like to come out to Australia. Does anyone know if she can recieve an Australian working visa??? Would be greatfull for any advice.
2 Dec 2008 /  #2

We operate a visa service consultancy for Australia and New Zealand. We will be happy to provide you with free advice about the best visa options for your girlfriend.

Please visit our website and complete out Information request form so that we can get back to you to have a chat.

Here is a link to our website:
23 Jan 2009 /  #3
She can apply for a spousal visa, but only if you can prove you are in a defacto relationship for more than 1 year (at least) they want bills rents, zameldowania anything official with both your names on it.

I'm not sure if this will entitle her to a work permit - but it will be easier to get a work permit when you have a visa.
30 Jan 2009 /  #4
Yep spouse visa is the go. Thats what I'm doing with my g/f. As above she will be entitled to work for 2 years then if you're still together-permanently!
14 Apr 2009 /  #5

I find myself in the same situation, ive been checking the internet all afternoon and cant find a concrete answer on whether polish passport holders can apply for a working holiday visa.

Me and my polish boyfriend have been together for just under a year and are thinking of traveling beginning of 2010.
Does having family in Aus which would be happy to sponsor us, help at all with our application.

If this is not possible does anyone know of any other sun splashed countries that would accept polish and irish passport holders?
23 Mar 2010 /  #6
I've found this forum with this question, though we are now in March 2010, but I'm looking for some help/clarifications:

My son (Italian) is actually in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. His girlfriend is polish and she would like to reach him there, but apparently she can only apply for a tourist visa.

Are there any other solutions ?
With your experience, did you find another way to solve your problem?
krazy krawiec  
21 Aug 2010 /  #7
Merged: Can a Polish citizen get a working visa to Australia?

Hello there!

I am an English citizen but my boyfriend is Polish. I was wondering if it's at all possible for him to be able to work in Australia... any suggestions!


Krazy Krawiec
21 Aug 2010 /  #8
Can he not apply for a working holiday visa?

Also if you're coming over here try and get an E457 visa and your B/F could be the defacto partner.

What line of work is he in? If he's on the trade shortage list then most prospective employers will sponsor.
21 Aug 2010 /  #9
put simply, no. there is no working holiday agreement between Poland and Australia. as dnz said if you can prove a defacto relationship maybe, but it isnt easy. And sponsorship isnt so easy either, expect a lot of paperwork. there is some cash work around if you he can get a holiday visa but depends on where you're heading and what he can do.
24 Aug 2010 /  #10
Hi there

I am in a similar situation - my fiance is polish and I am British - we both would love to work in Australia! I am unsure if he can get a working visa and was wondering if you have any further information that would be useful? Everybody seems to have a different answer so any info you can give would be great!

Many thanks in advance and good luck!

My Fiance is very fluent in both written and spoken English as he runs his own company (sometimes better than my English - slightly embarassing!). Do you know where he can pass the exam?

Thank you!
24 Aug 2010 /  #11
we both would love to work in Australia! I am unsure if he can get a working visa

Are you talking about a temporary one year visa or a longer term one? If it's the latter then don't assume you will get it easily. If you're talking about the one year student working holiday type working visa then I believe that these are not readily available to Polish citizens but bizarrely they are available to Estonians!.

I just checked the list on and it still shows no Poland.
King Sobieski  
26 Aug 2010 /  #12
no can do, Australia usually has a reciprocal program with countries (ie, Estonia must offer Aussies the chance to work there):
27 Aug 2011 /  #13
I have been trying to stay in Oz for 5 years, went to school spent sooo much money and nothing!!! its a horrible place when it comes to visas, they letting black and indian people come but for white they r so strickt, they just want money and more money from you and at the end they change the law. Agents ... some of them are very dodgy, be careful, schools ... well i dont know anymore, Hales is the worst one. De facto allows you to work and live but its so much work to get it.

anyway, good luck people
King Sobieski  
14 Sep 2011 /  #14
umm, we have a skilled migrant program and also have certain professions that need filling.

now, what happened was that all these lil college's started offering chef and hairdressing (they were in demand) courses to mainly Indian people and charging them $20-30k for the privilege. the problem being that the students never had any interest in working in these professions.

the government has now closed the loophole on this and from what i gather it is a lot harder.

so, in summary, find out what the skills shortage is, study a course in that area and then apply.
16 Mar 2013 /  #15
Blacks and Indians are well educated that's why they are allowed to come in. Australia does not allow Economic immigrants / migrants to flood their country. like in the UK where you have floods from eastern europe constituting nuisance everywhere in UK.
12 Aug 2013 /  #16
Merged: i'm an Australian citizen how do I get my Polish girlfriend a work visa for Australia?

we have been together over a year, she has been here for a one holiday and i have been to Poland 3 time in 14 months
12 Aug 2013 /  #17
Somebody was writing that the easiest way is to stat some fake studies in Australia. If I understood correctly students have right for 20h per weak work, but it's common to bend this law.
12 Aug 2013 /  #18
She'd have to have a specific skill or career that the Australian government recognises as being needed in Australia, or she'd have to be sponsored by an Employer in Australia. There is no work agreement between Poland & Australia unfortunately. Other option would be if you have lived together for more than I think 2 years and you have shared expenses like rent etc (you'll need documents to prove your relationship, photographs, shared bank account details, shared bills etc) you might be able to take her there as a de facto spouse/partner, otherwise the other option is a fiance visa requiring you to get married within 3 months of you being there, there's a wizard on the immigration website, fill in the boxes and it will tell you the options available all the best mate, I was in the same situation but I ended up moving to Poland for a bit :)
4 Dec 2013 /  #19
Merged: Farming in Australia (I'm looking for a job over there)

Hope I chose the subject correctly ;) In the nearest future I would like to move to Australia. I finished the breeding and biology of animals and I'm looking for a job over there. If you could tell me anything about farming situation or maybe you know someone who has a farm then I could ask directly or maybe you can give me some suggestion where I can look for them. I'm in love with Australian landscape and lifestyle but my knowledge about it is limited so I decided to find someone who can tell me the real opportunities and situation from the australian point of view :) I will be very grateful for every answer from anybody who live there :) If you have any questions please ask :)

Thank you in advance :)
5 Dec 2013 /  #20
This might give you an idea:

Google for 'agricultural jobs Australia' for more.
6 Dec 2013 /  #21
Thank you. Is there any chance to get the contact details of the farmers and contact them directly? It is always better to talk with someone who live there and know the situation than searching on google. :)
6 Dec 2013 /  #22
Is there any chance to get the contact details of the farmers and contact them directly?

You can try to find the Job Classifieds of some local newspapers online and go from there, but I doubt that this is a very good idea. You'll need to get your working permit sorted out, you have no idea about taxes and stuff, and I'm quite sure that you'll ask yourself what the heck the guy on the other end of the line is talking about - especially, if (s)he's from the Outback. My advice: go through a recruiting agency and also check the government employment agency ( Anything else is a waste of time and money.
9 Dec 2013 /  #23
Thanks a lot! I'll study it and decide later what to do :) anyway if have any idea how to find and contact some farmers I would be grateful for any advice :)
9 Dec 2013 /  #24
anyway if have any idea how to find and contact some farmers

As I said, look for some farming communities that might interest you (if I were you, I would stay away from the desert interior of the continent...), google for the local newspapers and check if they have their Job Classifieds available online. Shouldn't be too difficult to find tons of phone numbers.


Barossa Valley:
9 Dec 2013 /  #25
czesc kasia :) you will be pleased to know that farm skills in rural areas are special categoyr on visa application :) also check out gumtree farm work: and narrow down by where you want to work. good luck
9 Dec 2013 /  #26
That's a good source, antheads.
11 Dec 2013 /  #27
Thank you for your help :) If you know some farmers or know somebody who knows some farmers I would be grateful for any contact details. I know I can look for it on the internet but it is always easier to find them "through" people :) It's not about job now just want to get some real information and private opinion about living and farming there. Maybe there is someone on this forum from farming market??? :)
23 Feb 2015 /  #28
Merged: How to get a job in Australia - engineer from PL

how can I to find a job - directly, from Poland.
I'm looking for a job as a energy engineer ( power station, project manager, etc.. )
I want to leave with my family.
Thanks for advices :)

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