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Getting in Australia? I am English married to an Australian. (working /holiday visa)

3 Jan 2012 #1
Can anyone help me? I am English, married to an Australian and living here in Queensland. My son is engaged to a Polish girl and currently lives still in the UK. They would like to come over and work here for possibly 12 months (maybe even marry whilst they are here?) but I have found that my sons girlfriend cannot get a working /holiday visa. Can anyone tell me how she can get into Australia for longer than 3 months? I know she could apply for a 3 month tourist visa but how can she get in for longer? I would appreciate any help or advice as there must be somebody in your community who may know??

Thank you
4 Jan 2012 #2
From what I know (and I'm no migration agent) if she gets a tourist visa without a "NO FURTHER STAY" condition she might be able to stay longer than 3 months; however, this kind of visa will not give her a permission to work.

As far as the working holiday visa goes last time I checked Polish citizens were not eligible for it. Now, if your son's girlfriend has been residing in the UK long enough (I think 5 years is required but not entirely sure) she might be able to apply for her British citizenship, get a British passport and then get an Australian working holiday visa with no problems whatsoever.
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
4 Jan 2012 #3
I am not an immigration advisor, but. One can apply for a tourist visa for 12 months. Most work visas either require someone who has a skilled occupation (on the skilled occupation list) or to get a job at which the employer will sponsor them for a visa.
Debora - | 1
17 Sep 2014 #4

I am Polish citizen and I would like to apply for work and holiday visa to Australia.
I would appreciate any help from people who already got one! How can I apply?
Thank you!
30 Sep 2014 #5
Work and holiday visa agreement has been signed on March 28, of this year, so I am thinking it will take politicians some time to finalized all administration work and I hope they will announce a date soon. All we know so far is that Australia will make 200 work and holiday visas available for Polish people per year. What I would recommend check with Australian embassy website or even better check Australian immigration webpage for an updates on this matter.
MIPK - | 69
30 Sep 2014 #6
looks to me that you can apply now, check out the visa application page here:

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