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Does Anyone Here Have a UK Bank Account ?

ThePotatoe 2 | 38  
28 Jun 2010 /  #1
I was making a good income through if you dont know.its a paid to review site u write reviews and u get income.

but sadly has shut down and instead of it came
now with .com i was able to transfer my earnings straight to my paypal account but this uk version!!! they require me to have a uk bank account so they can send my earnings there o-O

ciao belongs to microsoft and is really a get rich quick like thing (of course it depends on ur skills). i used to earn 50 dollars in a week in the .com site.

so...all i want to know that is there anyone who has a rusty old uk bank account? i cant let poundsssss slippp from my hands...:( :( :(

if anyone agrees i want to transfer my earnings to a uk bank accnt. and you can keep ur small tax and send me the rest to my paypal account.

(current i just wrote one review which fetched me £2.84)

anyone interested?
i know i look like a spammer :/
smurf 38 | 1940  
28 Jun 2010 /  #2
so you wrote phoney reviews and they paid you?

Are they still hiring?
OP ThePotatoe 2 | 38  
28 Jun 2010 /  #3
man i am a geek. i mostly write about computer hardware stuff. yep they r still hiring.
Amathyst 19 | 2700  
28 Jun 2010 /  #4
LOL and you think someone is going to let you get your hands on their account...By the way its unlawful to let a 3rd party to use your bank account - we have all sorts of fraud regulations.

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