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Platforma is stuffing public bodies with its cronies! PRL mentality clings on ...

7 Nov 2012 /  #1
Donald said in 2010 that PO stood for "pełną odpowiedzialność"

Gimme a break!

People are losing faith - Platforma stands for corruption in public life and a massive increase in the army of bureaucrats that Poland has to feed.
7 Nov 2012 /  #2
It's a surprise when a political party makes political appointments?
OP Varsovian  
7 Nov 2012 /  #3
In businesses with State Treasury holdings or local govt contracts?

Not surprised in the slightest by PO corruption.
7 Nov 2012 /  #4
Exactly in those sort of posts. Are you suggesting that other parties have a tradition of appointing their enemies to posts?
7 Nov 2012 /  #5
they should be voted for another four years in power. All scum in one party, Poland will be easy to clean afterwords.
OP Varsovian  
7 Nov 2012 /  #6
Jon accepts corruption. A pragmatic approach to Platforma, I suppose.
7 Nov 2012 /  #7
this article is a good primer for new poles and expats

"This is the widely-suspected set of links between former Communists, Soviet-era intelligence networks, business oligarchs who benefited from corrupt privatisations, and the old KGB now reviving in Putin's Russia under the acronym of FSB," O'Sullivan says.

"This shadowy 'network' is widely believed to be influential on a range of political matters, especially the all-important question of energy security, and largely outside democratic control.
OP Varsovian  
7 Nov 2012 /  #8
Honestly - what would a former political adviser to Mrs Thatcher know about eastern Europe?

Just joking.

The same schism in approach is being played out in microcosm on this forum. Essentially, on the one hand you have well-trained people who endlessly attack symbols of traditional, independent, Catholic Poland. I wonder if some of them are not actually paid activists. On the other hand, you have outraged amateurs who easily lose their rag when "defending" traditionalist viewpoints and see, for example, mafia activity that harms Polish companies as being deliberate foreign maneuvers to attack the Polish economy.

There again, perhaps it is.
7 Nov 2012 /  #9
Jon accepts corruption

What corruption? Who can appoint whom to what post is clearly defined in law - unless you can prove that Polish law is being broken by these appointments, you should apologise.

You really are strange.
8 Apr 2016 /  #10
Merged: Polish Olympian quites PO scam party

Paweł Rańda, former Polish Olympian, said he was quitting the Platformer clique in Wrocław because he cannot accept their dirty games. "Politics is the art of building agreement and compromises in order -- in the case of a councillor -- to improve a town's functioning, not to further one's own private itnerests," he explained. Rańda added that the PO had degenerated into intrigues, coteries and courts (dwory).

Yes another example of the scam party in action!

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