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Polish mentality-three fishermen

12 Mar 2011 /  #1
Three fishermen caught a gold fish that granted wishes

First fisherman: Gold fish i wish i had a farm with 20 chickens, I've been fishing for so many years and my old bones are too tired to continue. I can spend more time in my village with my family. Poof, the wish has been granted.

Second fisherman: Wow, that's a good idea. Gold fish! I wish i had a farm with 50 rabbits. I'm tired of fishing too. I would trade my rabbit meat for chicken eggs we both could be rich in no time. Gold fish has granted the wish. poof.

Third fisherman: Humm, I don't know.... Golden fishy... hummm. Kill all the rabbits and chickens because they're going sh!t too much.

The blue men group is in Houston, anyone else is going to see the show?
12 Mar 2011 /  #2
The blue men group is in Houston, anyone else is going to see the show?

don't wear nice clothes... you'll get "dirty"...

Polish mentality-three fishermen

and stop stirring sh!t... :)
OP Havok  
14 Mar 2011 /  #3
I had a balcony seat, the show was awesome. It was like a big rave party.

and stop stirring sh!t... :)

What.. it's a joke. :)
14 Mar 2011 /  #4
I love these jokes. they are pretty international, the "dumb polack" ones just get changed to "irish" and the "mean,tight fisted Polack" ones are "Scotsmen" jokes....:)
OP Havok  
14 Mar 2011 /  #5
I like the dumb Polack jokes, like the one about Polish screen door submarine.

"Hyman G Rickover was born in Poland, he possessed the IQ of a genius and would later immigrate to the U.S. where he would become the "Father of the Nuclear Navy". Had he stayed in Poland this chapter wouldn't have been necessary. Thankfully he left.

Polish expertise in metallurgy led to numerous advancements in hull design and manufacturing techniques. Most significant of these are the development and application of Screen Door (SD™) technology, used by both Polish and Iranian navies."

Des Essientes  
14 Mar 2011 /  #6
I like the dumb Polack jokes

I like them too but not because I find them at all funny, but rather because as a boy when I found out about them I was horrified to find that I was supposed to be stupid and so from then on I made an effort to always pay attention in school and to read a lot of books so that no one would be able make Polish jokes at my expense. I wouldn't say that Polish jokes are entirely responsible for making me a scholar but they sure helped. Once a young woman impressed by my learning asked about my ethnicity and when I told her I was Polish she told me that the valedictorian at her high school was too, and that she believed Polish jokes exist not because Polish people tend to be stupid but rather because Polish people tend to be brilliant and the jokes are thus merely wishful thinking on the part of jealous non-Polish dummies.
OP Havok  
14 Mar 2011 /  #7
I would tend to agree with you, Des.

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