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New 2016 poll. The attitudes of the Poles toward other nations

12 Apr 2016 /  #1

Top to bottom:
The Dutch
The Jews
The Russians

Green - positive attitude in %
Grey - neutral attitude in %
Red - negative attitude in %
Blue - 'hard to tell' answer in %

Taką stoi Polska racją - na pohybel innym nacjom.

Sarmatism intensifies!


13 Apr 2016 /  #2
According to that graphic they don't like Serbians very much, do they...
johnny reb  
13 Apr 2016 /  #3
According to the graph they don't like the Jews very much either.
13 Apr 2016 /  #4
Is that something which has taken you suddenly by surprise?

Though if you look at the table, rather than just trying ineffectually at trolling, you'll see that slightly over half express no negative sentiment.
johnny reb  
13 Apr 2016 /  #5
Is that something which has taken you suddenly by surprise?

No more then the Serbs did you.
Though if you look at the table, rather then ineffectively trying to belittle me, you will see that the Serbs and Jews are only separated by the Vietnamese.
13 Apr 2016 /  #6
So basically three groups they don't like. Russians are perhaps the easiest to understand. The Belarussians are low too. Apart from the southern neighbours, so much for so-called Slavic unity.

trying to belittle me,

You do it to yourself so thoroughly.
13 Apr 2016 /  #7
"lol"! Very different from what we read in PF! ;). Anyway, what did they base their answers upon? I understand that Poles may hate Russians for instance but why would they like or dislike others they have never dealt with (pure stupidity)? Poles like Spaniards for instance because they had good Sangria while on vacation in Spain.... It is just about it no nothing "scientific". However, true that Poles don't like Russians and basically whoever from further East and also whoever is not white/catholic..

As to the Czech, I'm very surprised that Poles see them in a fovorable manner (although no big deal since only 50%) as the (numerous) comments I got from Poles re the country and its people were only negative. Whenever I dare saying that Prague is much better than Warsaw, Krakow or whatever city n Poland, they get p..sed and start with the Czech attitude during the war ;). It is also suprising because the Czech Republic is a ... "goodless" more liberal society ;) .... Since it is easy to draw the parallel, I can say that most Poles don't like Slovakia. ONE example among a lot: I remember a few years ago when I was thinking about spending a couple of days (Majówka, I suppose) in Bratislava, all the Poles I asked told me it was not worthwhile going there, ugly city, nothing to do/to see, nasty people, expensive (since Euros)..... and as they were so convincing I went elsewhere ;)). Now as I have seen several things re Bratislava on (not Polish of course) TV, I think it can be worth a couple of days' visit; if anyone in this forum (among others) can give me tips re Bratislava, I'll appreciate.

In conclusion, the poll (how "scientific"?) shows that the no.1 country only gets 50% of favorable opinion, it means that yes, Poles ARE xenophobic...
13 Apr 2016 /  #8
What's the source of the poll?? Anyone could have knocked that up on their computer. And who exactly was polled? And how many? If there's one thing I can't abide it's those rubbish so-called polls/surveys 'we asked 100 people coming out of Biedronka what they think of ...........' Anyway, anyone who designs a poll which lists 'the Jews' should be ignored. Since Jews are of all nationalities surely they mean Israel?? What a load of old rubbish.
13 Apr 2016 /  #9
I can say that most Poles don't like Slovakia

I love Slovakia, but yes it's expensive for Polish people to go there. Never went to Bratislava, just to the mountains.

Czech Republic is a ... "goodless" more liberal society ;)

Depends on how you define liberal, I myself hold favorable/neutral opinions towards Czech rep

In conclusion, the poll (how "scientific"?) shows that the no.1 country only gets 50% of favorable opinion, it means that yes, Poles ARE xenophobic...

That's not a good conclusion, you must take into account neutral opinions
13 Apr 2016 /  #10
@Atch: absolutely! I too am not "crazy" about so called "polls" for which, like you say, they take 100 people getting out of .... Biedronka. It should not be treated as very serious but just for fun although we all know that Poles hate whomever is from the East and not white/catholic. True what you say about their using the word "Jews".... Well, another BS poll !

@Szalawa: Trust me, the comments (not so numerous - last time was last night - because Poles are not obsessed) I have received from Czech Republic (I went there several times and I really like Prague and although I find Czech people generally sad and boring, I like their distance from religion) were rather negative and re Slovakia they were even worse. Re Bratislava, at the time, I may have asked more than 20 Poles (since I live in Poland, not too hard ;)) not connected to each other and all of them discouraged me to go there and as a result I didn't go because (at the time) I was convinced they were right about Bratislava (I know, very stupid of me since I had and still have never been there and obviously how can one like/dislike something unknown ;);)). Anyway, I'll try to go there some time soon, just for 2 or 3 days. As to prices, it's funny, you say it is expensive (for Poles) because they now have the Euro but all the Poles (I know) say it's very cheap. I don't know since I have never been there but maybe prices are the same as in Poland but in Euro. Don't know but Slovakia and Bratislawa are not Monte Carlo so it must be affordable there ;).
13 Apr 2016 /  #11
What's the source of the poll?

Quite - it could have come from anywhere. It looks like it's been clipped from a magazine.
13 Apr 2016 /  #12
Most probably, like Atch says, they (who????) asked 100 people getting out of ..... Biedronka ;). Also, what are the criteria? There are none. Why would for instance Poles like Italians more than let's say the Dutch???? 99% of Poles have never met any ;). I understand that Poles on the whole hate some groups but the majority of the groups in the "poll" don't mean anything to Poles so why likes and dislikes? No sense!

Terrible that media manipulate simple minds with BS!
13 Apr 2016 /  #13
I've posted the same poll from several years ago,it seems legitimate.

It would help If a link to the source was given.
13 Apr 2016 /  #14
@Pweeg: at least (reliable or (probably) BS) source should be mentioned as well as criteria - if any - used ;). Nothing serious and nothing "official"! Just material for Fakt or SuperExpress ;)
13 Apr 2016 /  #15
They didnt included Brazilians (or any south americans) this time?
I saw something including us some time ago and was highly positive. Maybe the 3rd biggest Polonia population in the world helps.

Would not be surprising though.Everytime i go to Poland is incredible how people are affectionate and lovely towards me (maybe the fact that i am estetically privileged helps).

Meanwhile, is totally understandable the fact that arabs are thr most hated.

When so many people of a single origin start to blow themselves or kill anyone that doesnt convert to Islam, is natural that this origin will be hated.

If you want sources you should just type the thread of this topic on Google. This is from CBOS. Stop being lazy and trying to do ad hominem critics just because the results are against your multiculturalist-marxist beliefs.
13 Apr 2016 /  #16
really poor levy! Well, the "poll" "should personally fit me (being ..... French/Spanish/Dutch) but the lack of criteria makes me wonder and also as pointed out by Atch, the category called "Jews" whereas almost any nationality includes Jews is rather weird....

Yes, poor levy, who hates muslims but who can eat thanks to muslims!

People, please focus on topic - and avoid personal remarks. Thanks.
13 Apr 2016 /  #17
The attitudes of the nations toward Poles :D
13 Apr 2016 /  #18
If you want sources you should j

No. It's up to the person who started the thread to reference their sources. If you were presenting a thesis in university would you tell the Prof to Google around in order to figure out your sources?? Well, yes from someone who asseses themselves as: 'estetically privileged' you quite possibly would. 'Hey baby, wanna get a look at my sources? J'ou know what you gotta do'.

They didnt included Brazilians

They didn't include Brazilians because the person who created the poll had an agenda and Brazilians weren't part of it, any more than the Irish (yes I'm banging on about Ireland again..). I would think that it would make sense for such a poll to include Ireland seeing as around a quarter of a million Poles have made it their home and thus many more Poles in Poland have Irish connections now, have visited Ireland etc.
13 Apr 2016 /  #19
What do Poles think of Canadians? Do they like Canadians more or Americans more?
13 Apr 2016 /  #20
Pole1: Hey I love Canadians they are nice people living in a nice country. Never been there and never seen one. There is that Canadian actor what his name Ah, I can go to Canadian without a visa, and not to USA up your Americans.

Pole2: I don't care about them one way or the other, they doesn't bother me. Visited the Niagara Falls a beautiful nature there.

Pole3: What? Canadians they are some smug bastards like others are they not. I don't like them all smug bastards. They should try to share our lot and we would see what would be left from their smugness. Punks.

Pole4: Eh? What? Hard to tell (where the hell is Canada, is that even a country?)
13 Apr 2016 /  #21

From 2013

This is the source I think

You have to pay for it.
13 Apr 2016 /  #22
CBOS polls are rigorously done.
13 Apr 2016 /  #23
These polls are much more about countries than about nations...

Poles ARE xenophobic...

Shut up, racist.
13 Apr 2016 /  #24
Shut up, racist.

So you haven't followed the official CBOS polls over the years...
G (undercover)  
14 Apr 2016 /  #25
What do you mean ?
15 Apr 2016 /  #26
Merged: Natations Poles like and dislike

A survey carried out by Polands' leading polling group CBOS has shown that out of 27 nations and ethnic groups Poles are the fondest of Czechs (50% likes), followed by Italians (49%), Slovaks (48%) and Britons (47%). Arabs and Roma (Gypsies) are disliked by 67% of Poles, and half of those surveyed don't like Russians. Also on the dislike list are Romanians (47%), Turks (45%), Jews (37%) Serbs (35%) and Vietnamese (32%).

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