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Water in Warsaw in mid-January 2016 or .... 1916

16 Jan 2016 /  #1
Good morning! I am not relying on some made up stories found in YouTube or consorts but on the real life in today's Warsaw as experienced by people in my building and therefore including me...

Hard to believe but in this month of January 2016, we have NOT had water for 98% of the time since Wednesday, Jan. 13 and we don't know what future will bring us. Great!

On Wedneday am, no water! I called building administration and they said it's so in whole building ("awaria"). I was very annoyed, I heated mineral water to wash, went off for work and thought that by the time I would return at night the problem would be fixed. On Wednesday night, NO water. On Thursday morning, miracle, water on for some 2 hours and I took advantage of that to do a lot of cleaning/washing. On Thursday night, NO water. On Friday morning, another miracle, water for some 2 hours. Yesterday I was out all day so I sent message to administration to ask about what to expect ;) when back home. They said that the water company MIGHT fix problem (in a nearby street but to solve if they have to cut water in my building as well ;)) by 10 last night. Miracle, yesterday, at 20:45 some water for around 30 minutes and since then NO water.

Yesterday on my way home, I stopped to buy water at small shop (whose owner lives in my building) some 50 meters from my place and found my next door neighbor doing the same thing as I: buying lots of bottles of water ;). Although 'joking" my neighbor is really pis@@@ed (and now so am I) and thinks about getting a lawyer or journalists involved.

I am well aware that "awaria" do happen but come on, in 3 days, nobody seems to be able to repair it. I have never seen such a situation and it is not acceptable all the more as we do not know when and also ... whether we'll have some water again some day ;). I am wondering about the reasons of such situation. Is it due to lack of technology, money, knowledge (good workers have moved to "devilish" west for good money and conditions), lazyness, lack of respect from water company and from local authorities?

This morning and tomorrow morning, I'll buy lot of water again but how long do they mean to leave us in such conditions? When are we going to have water again and ARE we to have water again?

I am well aware that there are more dramatic situations (I do know myself) but is it normal to have people live with no running water in the 21st century right in a nice, quiet, middle-class neighborhood at a stone throw to downtown of a EU capital?????.

This beats me... but no matter what, I'll tell/write the overpaid sob running the water company how I feel about his incompetence and lack of respect towards normal citizens .... In such circumstances, in "normal" countries, the guy would have to resign...

We'll see...

Great, 4th day with no water in Central Warsaw (only 1 hour this morning)! It seems that the "awaria" is bigger than what I had heard and it seems that they do NOT know what to do (brilliant!!!!). Are there any other neigbhorhood concerned (besides Stara Ochota)? People are really getting angry and it is really great. People cannot any longer be treated like crap and they are right to react. 4 days without water and it is NOT over yet. It is normal to have "awaria" but they are repaired within a few hours and here we are on our 4th day without water!!! No, it is not normal but for Poland it does seem to be normal and we'd better not pay our water bills late ;).
16 Jan 2016 /  #2
Relax... this is no doubt an intentional toughening activity for the good of the society - something the softies in the west could not imagine ;-)
OP InPolska  
16 Jan 2016 /  #3
@Jardinero: true that we westerners are more "delicate" and are not used to put up with crap but all the inhabitants are Polish and they have gotten ****** too. I understand that "awaria" are part of the game but if they could assure us that 1. they turn water on for instance 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening so we could get organized (this morning we had water for one hour so after my shower I washed dishes and the floor) 2. they could give up some kind of an idea of WHEN to expect water back on, it would help us but absolutely NOTHING. Yesterday when calling number 994 (emergency number for water), they explained very big problem and they HOPE to fix it soon. They have been working on since Wednesday morning (I have not seen workers but it is what building administration and 99 said) and NOTHING. My neighbor is thinking about hiring a lawyer or getting journalists involved to put some pressure.... What do we need to do? Take hostages? Start hunger strike...?Probably they do not work on weekends and next week, what? If I knew, water to be turned back on for instance in 3 weeks, I would make arrangements to go somewhere else but we know nothing. We just hope while turning faucets on once in a while to check.

Of course, I have had other water "awaria" but they were all repaired within a few hours at most. Yes, Poland still has a long way to go to become 'normal"... ....
16 Jan 2016 /  #4
Try to meditate and clear your mind of the - thoughts... not much good will come of it, will there?
Alternatively, as the Buddhist proverb goes: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen... or something like that.
16 Jan 2016 /  #5
Damn landlords they have you like a sitting duck, one who lives near me regularly boasts how he deliberately does not fix things if the tenants complain, stuff em id say.

Put a leaflet through your neighbors doors and get them all to agree not to pay their rent for two months unless the tit fixes the problem (or gets whomever is responsible to fix it).
OP InPolska  
16 Jan 2016 /  #6
Yes, Jardinero, I know that I am totally powerless and have to put up with the crap. I could take a shower this morning, my place is (kind of) clean, I don't have much dirty laundry and I have tons of clothes to wear and I have water (will buy some more tomorrow) and hopefully everything will be ok on Monday.... The problem is that I know how things "work" in Poland and it is hard to remain "zen". I have always thought that if a lot of people here (and in similar countries) turn into alcoholics, it is mostly because things are very difficult. I am too strong not to turn into an alcoholic ;) but for sure I'm mad.... Well, I'll try to do something to keep my mind busy with something else.

Thanks for your support! :) Apparently a lot of people are concerned right now in Warsaw!
16 Jan 2016 /  #7
All things aside: try to put thins in perspective: so what if there's a problem with water... will it kill you? Think of those poor souls in all those 3rd world countries - do you think you have it so bad now???
OP InPolska  
16 Jan 2016 /  #8
No, Doug, it has nothing to do with "d..ed landlords" at least in my building. The "awaria" happened in a nearby street and in order to fix it, they have to turn water off in a larger area). It seems very serious and they don't seem to know what to do (scary). People are getting really mad.

Not paying czyncz would not help because it would hurt others than the water company.

I know that some years ago while building the (2nd) metro line, some gaz pipes were damaged by workers and as a result residents of said area were offered to stay at a hotel ;). If on Monday night, no water, I'll demand a hotel room.....

@Jardinero: sure there is always worse and trust me, I had my fair share of problems (death of my husband, of my parents, then I had cancer) so no need to look at what happens in the 3rd world ;)

How is water organized in Poland? Private companies (I know that there is Veolia in Poland). State? Cities and towns? If public, who is at the head? Someone competent (...) or just someone important's pal?

Poles need to start demanding to be treated properly and fighting for dignity!
16 Jan 2016 /  #9
Poles need to start demanding to be treated properly and fighting for dignity!

Why don't you lead the flight - you certainly seem very concerned... and that also would put your negative energy to positive use!
OP InPolska  
17 Jan 2016 /  #10
"Alleluja"! Water on as of last night but has the "awaria" been repaired for good! If so, still unbelievable, leaving people without water for almost 5 days in Central Warsaw. I had never seen this before but now I know it is a reality in Poland so I'll always keep dozen of bottles of water handy. Shame on those water company officials!

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