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Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish?

18 May 2012 /  #121
Poor Rus.He just cannot compete.
18 May 2012 /  #122
:) but I dont say they are not Hot ... they are .. I think Czech is more closer to Lech :)

I watched also movie that Poles like the best people from Czech republic than from Slovakia ..
maybe thats why

and Im half Slovak :) soo I think my opinion should not be taken into account
18 May 2012 /  #123
Do you like more Slovak or polish girls?Slovak seem a bit more conservative.
18 May 2012 /  #124
its really depends but some of my colleagues are very conservative some not.

what I noticed.. that Polish girls are more open with the years.. when we are young we are general very shy.

and Im writting here about normal girls ... not some party one or etc. - this comment is to people who will start to write very offensive opinions about us.

and I bet there will be some.... ;/
20 May 2012 /  #125
Given the fact that you are from Canada (like me), it is very easy to fall in love with someone from a different ethnic background. Provided the pressures of living in a multi-cultural country, even the more reason to seek out Polish guys and maintain your heritage. It's a very special thing to do! Also, you need not to go to Poland to find a husband, there are thousands of guys of Polish descent living in Canada.
22 May 2012 /  #126
i don't think you'll be having problems with choosing a man from any of the two cultures.
and it's fine to teach your kids two cultures.
and, hey! the most important thing is the good manners :)
29 May 2012 /  #127

Hi Angie

just find the right man. Never mind his race, colour, creed.... You'll find that people who'll say 'marry you're own' will have problems related to inbreeding.
4 eigner  
29 May 2012 /  #128
Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish?

Of course, you guys need stick to your kind, especially when you live abroad (freaking ridiculous). Why did you decide to live in another country if you don't care about having your host country's friends? If you love Poland so much then why not just stay in Poland?

Nothing's wrong with Poland and Poles but be real people, if you decide to leave Poland, stick to your decision and at least try to adjust to the new environment.

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