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Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish?

1 Feb 2010 /  #61
its alot of fun to have partner from another country.

specially when you can con them into a green card
1 Feb 2010 /  #62
I'm black with a mixed nationality Nigerian and Jamaican, I'm with a Polish girl living in Poland, I personally think it does not matter, it would be good for the child to be able to speak other languages, even though I only speak English as I was born in London. Two cultures is good to have I think. But honestly it doesn't matter where the person is from if there is a connection why break it because of the culture difference.
3 Feb 2010 /  #63
it's the same thing as with other trhreads of the same kind, you have to admit polish people are quite homophobic in a deeper sense, on the other hand you get people saying that poland is for polish, the whole thing goes to the family and culture differences, everybody has the right to have it's own culture as long as he won't impose it on the other people, i know that's idealistic, crap and utopic and that's exactly right, coming back to the topic, there should be more foreign culture in poland (and i know it will only get worse)
Mr Grunwald  
3 Feb 2010 /  #64
personally I hear the best men around are guys of Polish heritage, raised in Scandinavia who now live in the US.


If your family oriented and want your children to grow up in a Polish environment I would suggest moving to Poland for sure. Or finding an Pole living in Canada for instance.

Love comes and goes blood/spirit stays forever in ones heart

DISCLAIMER: this was not meant as an endorsement of American English over British English, which it isn't. I didn't want to start a flame war.

19 Apr 2010 /  #65
I believe that if two people love each other it doesnt matter where they're from....I'm a Scottish lady, brought up in Spain but now back in Scotland, who's other half is Polish. I must say I've had some really cheeky comments, all from British men, that Poles should "stick to their own kind" !

I've put this ignorance down to jealousy at seeing two people very happy together....and I think it will be great for our kids, when we have them, to learn three languages and cultures :)
19 Apr 2010 /  #66
I don't think Poles should stick to their own kind at all. Being from Scotland, you'll no doubt be aware that we have had a large Polish contingent for a long time, well before May 2004 and the accession to the EU. Quite a few Poles settled in Scotland after WWII and worked primarily in ports.

Besides, who is to say what should and shouldn't be? My wife is Polish and nationality is just not an issue. I am used to it and I don't like when people congratulate me for having a Polish other half. Should I be proud? I'm just happy to have another half who is, for the most part, compatible with me.
19 Apr 2010 /  #67
Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish?

I think polish(men) should stick it to polish(women) and not allow them screw other nationalities.(like us the proud Balkans).
19 Apr 2010 /  #68
Southern, they can do as they please. Let them decide!

Besides, proud Balkans? You must be aware of the animosity in that whole area.

Poles choose Poles mostly as they live in Poland. Pure and simple!
19 Apr 2010 /  #69
Let them decide!

They seem to lack basic skills to recognize the prince from the frog.But what goes around,comes around.I mean if you play out the prince you will end with the frog.
19 Apr 2010 /  #70
In today's world of upward mobility, more and more people are heading elsewhere and you have to let people make their own choices.
19 Apr 2010 /  #71
In today's world of upward mobility,

Yes,but in order for someone to move up there is another one who has to move down.
19 Apr 2010 /  #72
Hmm....I don't think you understand upward mobility ;)
19 Apr 2010 /  #73
If everyone moves up,then ...who will do the job?
19 Apr 2010 /  #74
I don't want to sidetrack the discussion, southern.

Many Poles are disillusioned with their own type, many aren't.
19 Apr 2010 /  #75
Many Poles are disillusioned with their own type

I cannot think of anybody better than a Pole for a polish woman unless he is Russian.
19 Apr 2010 /  #76
'Better' in what sense? That he can provide for her? You cannot get away from generalisations, southern.
19 Apr 2010 /  #77
I think only a Pole can put up with the capriccios temper etc of a polish woman due to deep understanding.A Russian also undeniably posesses better tools.

That he can provide for her?

This is the role of the western man.
19 Apr 2010 /  #78
Capricious temper? I can be pretty crabbit myself at times lol! Anyway as for the ones that think that Poles have no right to be here, I politely tell them to go check their history books..... ;)
king polkacanon  
19 Apr 2010 /  #79
I just saw an aphrocarribean from UK with a beautiful polish girl in Athens.I became sick immediately.What a defeat.How can English put up with this?Inexplicable.Here in Balcans the Carribean would be sent back to Carribean flying.
19 Apr 2010 /  #80
Here in Balcans the Carribean would be sent back to Carribean flying.

Which is probably one of the reasons that it's such a paradise down there.
westminster 293  
19 Apr 2010 /  #81
I'm bringing my too-laid-back surfer dude son to Poland for vacation, in hope that he will fall in love with a smart Polish girl that will motivate him to get his ass in gear.
What's the worse that can happen, huh??

I have one of those, except he is a public school boy, snowboard dude, thinks that the world owes him a living, despite coming from parents who are exemely hard working. If you find one ask if she has a friend and she can kick his arse as well and maybe they can see the light.
king polkacanon  
19 Apr 2010 /  #82
Wait till the son meets the gold digger and you end homeless.
westminster 293  
19 Apr 2010 /  #83
I will never end up homeless, hopefully my son has learned enough from me, that you have to respect yourself whatever happens in life. This is the key
19 Apr 2010 /  #84
probably should yes, they are like aliens to me, the ones i met. how are the polish guys, like the girls? then they should do well together
20 Apr 2010 /  #85
I've been looking for a nice Polish man but it seems as though I just cannot find one.

I live in Toronto. You can get a hold of me if you wish :) I pretty much grew up here but yes I agree Poles should stick with Poles. Italians still cling to Italian culture and Pakis, Indians and Chinese stick to theirs. It hurts that some Poles are anti-Polish. I can't do anything about it.

I had sushi last evening with my Polish friend. She dated an Arab and he wanted to get married to her etc. but she did not want to change for him. He wanted to get all Muslim on her. They broke up. I congratulated her. She said, " at first it's all lovey dovey, kisses on the cheek and holding hands but when things get more serious, problems arise because of the different cultures." Some silly girls don't learn this.
20 Apr 2010 /  #86
Some people would change to muslim and live a happy life. You can't generalize this way. Each relationship is different regardless of the nationalities of the people involved. Saying 'Poles should stick to Poles' is like saying 'Londoners should stick to Londoners'.

Cultural background may be a huge issue and it may not just as well. If two very conservative people with different backgrounds meet there is little chance for a successful relationship. But it's just the same within the same nationality.

Anything can be a huge issue, political views, religion, leaving socks on the floor, you name it. But at the same time for some people all this might not matter at all and they can build a healthy relationship with a person of different views, background, culture, nationality, color.

I'm a Polish guy and I was once involved in a romantic relationship with a Vietnamese girl and her nationality wasn't a problem at all. We did broke up after a few months, true, but because of character differences, not cultural.

So I would say no, Poles don't have to stick to their own if they choose otherwise. As long as they are happy.

And beeing bilingual is always a great thing for the kids:)
20 Apr 2010 /  #87
I am 40 years your senior. I have tried many things. I will tell you the success is not being true to your hertitage. It will be a trial and error search, and it will happen when you and the other person really communicate all about yourselves. Good luck!
20 Apr 2010 /  #88
Quoted for truth!
20 Apr 2010 /  #89
Of course Poles shouldonly stick to Poles.
20 Apr 2010 /  #90
We are moving soon from London Back to Krakow as are little one is due in late september '
Wife to be is polish an i myself am british ' We obviously have spoken about the baby in great length thus are reason for leaving London an bringing up the baby in Poland 'if we stay here the baby would be born british ' sounds mad but i would prefer the baby being born in Poland an educated there aswel 'first language would be polish an as i am british the baby will be learning english aswel .

There are many positive reasons for staying here an having the child 'a few of her mates have said she is made going back to poland with the baby as we can get free everything here in England ' Sadly its not about money but the quality of life so we are going to be having the little one in Poland 'so the baby will grow up as polish rather than as english '

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