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Streaming sites like Spotify good for Polish groups?

Dougpol1 29 | 2498  
1 Jul 2015 /  #1
Over at the Steve Hoffmann forums there is a chat going on about Al Di Meola's suggestion that streaming sites are killing new music. I don't think so.

After trying Spotify I am not impressed. Why do youngsters like inferior quality music? I am distinctly middle aged, but I can easily hear the difference between digital and analogue and my Philips turntable, Ferrograph hand built amp and Celestion speakers do me just fine.

Streaming is clearly here to stay though.......but..... although it's free.......why do people listen to music that is worse in quality than what was available in the late 1960s? it doesn't make sense. However Spotify reminded me of the great, great music from the Dzem back catalogue of the late 1980s and early 90s. (Ryszard Reidel only thanks - the rest is garbage - "The Band Played On" being the exception)

I reckon that the music industry is dead, and the the record companies have to start paying the artist properly for streaming rights. But the age of the 200 million pounds rock and roll fortune is well and truly gone.

Good thing too. Very few artists actually deserve those type of riches - Mark Knopfler being a well known example that is simply perverse because he ain't all that.
2 Jul 2015 /  #2
Hm, how do you recognize the quality - aren't these songs in the same mp3 / digital format?

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