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Polish Rap groups similar to Paktofonika?

27 Feb 2015 /  #1
Guys do you know any good rap groups which are similar to paktofonika???
frd 7 | 1385  
27 Feb 2015 /  #2
You could try Pokahontaz and Pijani Powietrzem both consisted of the members from their former band Paktofonika...
OP MeHow  
1 Mar 2015 /  #3
They are not what I was looking for, but thank you for helping
bullfrog 6 | 602  
1 Mar 2015 /  #4
Recently saw here in Istanbul an all female Polish group which was described as "rap/punk" . True, their music was rather original but no way can it be described as rap/punk, group's name is I think Drekoty
jon357 73 | 22638  
1 Mar 2015 /  #5
Drekota are well enough known and pleasant to listen to however I wouldn't call some of their songs either rap or punk or even a fusion of both. They do draw on various influences however they show more musical skill than punk and far more so than some rapper speaking and sampling more talented artistes' music. They are worth listening to.

There used to be a decent hip hop group called come thing like 247 a few years ago. A bit of a one hit wonder but the one hit did have something.

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