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Polish Militia - the growth of unofficial militia groups in Poland.

26 Jul 2018 /  #1
Hello, I have been reading about the growth of unofficial militia groups in Poland.

Would anyone know of any within a 25 min drive of Milanówek ?

I am only beginner level of Polish at the moment but I have some relevant experience that would definitely make up for that.

26 Jul 2018 /  #2
What do you mean by "unofficial"? Every militia group which is unofficial is illegal.
OP lonpol  
26 Jul 2018 /  #3
Unofficial as in autonomous and not under command of the Army.

This kind of thing ->
26 Jul 2018 /  #4
Then it is not "unofficial", it is just not under the command of the Army.
OP lonpol  
26 Jul 2018 /  #5
Reuters refer to them as unofficial
"The Polish government has kept its distance from the unofficial civilian militias"

Anyway, this militia is from the Reuters report but a bit too far

Also found this which I am busy translating
"The Mazowiecka Territorial Defense training project is an initiative aimed at integrating pro-defense communities from the Mazowsze area"

So in their speak, I am looking for a pro-defense community
cms neuf  
26 Jul 2018 /  #6
Not sure about the Dads army stuff but your village might have a volunteer fire brigade that has a bit of training once a week and some pretty good booze ups. One of my relatives was doing that and actually had to deal with quite a few fires over the years

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