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Could Poland become an immigrant country?

OP Vlad1234 17 | 886  
24 Apr 2013 /  #31
Currently in Germany 1/3 of all children have at least one non-native German parent.
40% of all native German woman have zero children.Do you think Poles are suggesting
the same fate for themself?
TheOther 6 | 3690  
25 Apr 2013 /  #32
Do you think Poles are suggesting the same fate for themself?

Look at the fertility rates and you have your answer:
mainframe - | 12  
25 Apr 2013 /  #33

In about 50 years time - Poland will be the place to live in Europe
PC_Sceptic - | 69  
7 Sep 2014 /  #34

This video is banned in the US :D
"The uploader (Al Jazeera) has not made this video available in your country
Sorry about that" :)
I see same trends from Polish Media uploading their videos on their flagship YT channels.
Watching this video I see not one bit of info that could corrupt an American mind.
I had to connect to VPN to see it.

Coming back to immigration coming to Poland it is more than certain that it will happen, not in 50 years but in 10+.
Very low fertility rate, with combination of Poles searching for opportunities elsewhere in EU or North America, it is plain mathematics that it will happen.

I know this for years that this scenario is coming to Poland.
Said89 - | 1  
20 Dec 2014 /  #35
Asia?As I know there is already 20.000 people from Chechnya alone who received
asylum in Poland.There were few cases when some Poles set their houses on fire.

I highly doubt that Poles would dare something. Besides that, Chechens are actually very popular in Poland.
ufo973 10 | 88  
20 Dec 2014 /  #36
LOL Most of the commentators on this post has no idea how economy works :)
Poland will never become an Immigrant country with current policies and politicians(old minded, communist era politicians).
1. Most of the Poles are leaving this country for better life in other countries (I know 1 polish girl who went to Africa for job).
2. Immigrants are not stupid. They choose a country where their children will have a good life and future. and here there is no future even for polish children.

3. Almost non existent welfare, unemployment benefit, housing, social assistant.
5. LOW WAGES even comparable to some third world countries.

The sad part is that it's not good for Poland. Poland is doing suicide, young people are leaving, women are not bringing new children, population is aging.
Bieganski 17 | 888  
20 Dec 2014 /  #37
Most modern economies are moving away from the need for jobs requiring large amounts of labor. Poland's primary sectors related to agriculture and mining as well as production industries are or will become increasingly done by machines with fewer and fewer need for humans to be involved in the end-to-end process. Even white collar jobs are facing a future of off-shoring or their own replacement by technological advances.

So with the dwindling need for people in the workforce it doesn't make sense for Poland (or any country for that matter) to offer generous social assistance to would-be economic migrants going around from country to country looking for the best deal for themselves.

Indeed, why pay some foreigner and his or her family to live in Poland if Poland wouldn't find it profitable in the first place to do much if any trade with that foreigner's home country and their dollar-a-day existence?
Wulkan - | 3137  
20 Dec 2014 /  #38
Poland will never become an Immigrant country with current policies and politicians

I wish you was right but unfortunatelly you are wrong.

I know 1 polish girl who went to Africa for job

LOL people going to work for countries like that are people with passion who want to experience different nature they have passion for that, not out of desperation. I know loads of Portuguese guys who work in Africa a lot.

2. Immigrants are not stupid. They choose a country where

Where they can live from making childern because welfare is allowing them to do that. But one they those countries will be completely full and then they will start coming to Poland because even low wages here are way better than the third world countries like Afghanistan.
Crow 160 | 9183  
20 Dec 2014 /  #39
Could Poland become an immigrant country?

Every European country is candidate to become immigrant country. Look what`s going on in Africa, Near East

Even, look what`s going on in parts of Europe. Crisis shifting and moving from one side of the continent to the other, changing location
Levi_BR 6 | 219  
20 Dec 2014 /  #40
There are two types of immigrants:

1 - Those that embrace the culture, came to work, produce and invest. Those help the country to growth, spread science and knowledge and are welcome.

2 - Those that came to leech government benefits and destroy the culture. (Like what we see nowadays in London, Zurich or Paris).

Poland receive the 1st type is not bad, actually give a lot of benefits for the poles (imagine if suddenly some Korean mechanical engineers or Brazilian nuclear engineers decide to move to Poland, how that would help the country to develop).

How to avoid the 2nd type (the bad immigrant)? It is simpler than it look: DONT GIVE GOVERNMENT BENEFITS to them!!!!!!
21 Dec 2014 /  #41
From what I understand Poland offers very little in the way of government benefits, so I can't see any attraction there for immigrants, unless they are ill informed.
pigsy 7 | 304  
21 Dec 2014 /  #42
, so I can't see any attraction there for immigrants

There are plenty of immigrants I know are doing well in Poland than in western block.they are in business and other stuff,sometimes I also wonder how?But they are surviving and surviving well.

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