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Polish douchebags

18 Aug 2010 /  #1
Recently, on vacation I noticed something deeply unsettling. There was a group of Polish guys who seemed to be modelling their behavior on that of American douchebags.


We (people I was with and me) were at a loss of how to describe them in Polish though. Chamy didn't really capture their particular kind of jerkiness (and they certainly weren't dresiarze). Fortunately, they didn't seem to be attracting any hot chicks.

I'm worried that there may be more aspiring douchebags in Poland and I think people need to be ready with a label to shame them with (though obviously a lack of shame is a prerequisite for being a douchebag).

We ended up calling them kiszki after a remark ("Ale kiszka!") one of them made about a woman on the beach (loud enough for the whole bus to hear, which was especially douchey). But I'm not sure if that would work. The literal expression 'irygator' would also seem to lack something.

Any ideas?
18 Aug 2010 /  #2

lol.. you just may be a douchebag if you think that's real. rofl
23 Mar 2011 /  #4
Well, I'd say cwaniaki or just palanty.
24 Mar 2011 /  #5
haha, that video was kinda funny

I can put real faces to every type of douchebag presented in the video :))

Any ideas?

I've got a premonition we'll end up using the English word anyway, although "kiszka", "cwaniak" i "palant" would do very well
OP mafketis  
24 Mar 2011 /  #6
I'd say cwaniaki or just palanty.

but those already have meanings that don't quite capture the douchebag spirit.... (in its current meaning, though palant captures the older meaning well enough)

I've got a premonition we'll end up using the English word anyway

A quick check on google indicates that a (very) few people are using duszbag ...

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