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Poland's Work permit questions - visiting European countries; working in the EU / switching job; dependants

11 Oct 2014 /  #61
i am applying for national visa. what does this mean......> Original AND copy of a travel medical insurance policy of not less than 30,000 Euros. The policy must cover medical and hospitalization expenses on Schengen territory as well as repatriation costs for at least first 3 moths of stay or until the first payment of the health insurance tax by the employer. could i buy the insurance policy..

thnx for anticipation
11 Oct 2014 /  #62
You need to have proper medical insurance policy while entering the territory of Poland. Often the employer provides it - then this requirement may be regarded as fulfilled if the job is legal.

could i buy the insurance policy

An individual legally residing in Poland, who is not subject to the obligatory healthcare insurance requirement, can voluntarily purchase healthcare insurance. In order to do that, the individual must apply to the appropriate voivodship NFZ (NHF) branch competent for her/his place of residence

11 Oct 2014 /  #63
if my company dont send me the travel and medical insurance mean may it be late for sending me if i can buy from policy from pakistan does it create problem for me regarding my visa
11 Oct 2014 /  #64
Wait, you should apply for the Work visa, not the National one - you possess work permit already.
12 Oct 2014 /  #65
in pakistani embassy wesite of poland.there is only two form available one is for national visa form and other one is for schengen visa form. what kind of question generally they ask while submitting visa form .thnx for your anticipation.
12 Oct 2014 /  #66
and this?
13 Oct 2014 /  #67

13 Oct 2014 /  #68
In the first field write Warszawa, and in the next put name of a street.
15 Oct 2014 /  #69
bro looker its my first experience may be i ask very silly question. bro how can i prepare documents for my visa. mean how cani manage these. i have work permit from poland based company .my cousin has applied there they have given me a work permit, but they dont take my interview.what could i say while submitting my visa about this work permit
16 Oct 2014 /  #70
Everything I know is from the site I mentioned at the beginning.
It is worth also to contact Polish embassy in Pakistan and ask which visa you should apply, give them all informations that you have about employer, place of work, what documents you posess etc. Ask about the insurance - how to get it from your place (you need it at the border)

Read here what you need from employer:

The employer prepares a statement containing: employer data, personal data of the foreigner the employer intends to hire, the start date and duration of the work and the type of work to be performed, the amount of gross pay (what is gross remuneration ->), profession and place of work ...

The employer delivers the original declaration to the foreigner; if the foreigner is living abroad, the document should be sent abroad

The registered declaration constitutes the basis for the foreigner to be granted

19 Oct 2014 /  #71
how can i prepare my all the documents to present at consulate for workpermit national visa. kind help i really needed as i have to submit my visa tomorrow. mean i put my all documents in envelop or in office file. i will stapple all the documents where could i sign in vsia form should i paste my picture or not paste it. how can i organize the document like which document will come over and over
19 Oct 2014 /  #72
Office file should be ok, I am using regular clear plastic (transparent) envelope bags, documents pinned up with a paperclip. Don't glue the pictures, attach them only, they should be signed on the flip side. Visa application, pictures on top, the rest underneath - if it matters.
19 Oct 2014 /  #73
looker i am very thankful to you. you are very kind helper. tomorrow there is my visa interview .plz tell me what points should i kept in mind while submitting my visa do i interact with consulate .

thnx for your anticpation .please tell me .
19 Oct 2014 /  #74
Be honest, be yourself, and stay confident. Smile, don't get nervous - Poles are friendly generally, relax.
Tell us how everything went.
Cheers :)
27 Nov 2014 /  #75
hello looker with your great help now i am in poland... now i move to germany for my higher i work there i have work permit of poland company...
27 Nov 2014 /  #76
do i work there i have work permit of poland company...

No. The company you want to work for in Germany will have to apply for a work permit from the German government. Work permits cannot be transferred from one company to another, never mind from one country to another.
27 Nov 2014 /  #77
Am I missing something here? Since when do companies issue work permits???? Either someone is seriously taking the **** here or is trying to get information as to how to defraud the visa regime.

Either way, I don't think that any further answers have any remit seeing that arslan has used the visa for Poland as an entry ticket to Germany. We have immigration rules for a reason, just like any other countries / common travel areas have.
3 Jan 2015 /  #78
do i need to pay my tax for one year before i am given the work permit

To obtain it you don't need any proof of tax.

Here is all you need to know about how it works in regard to work permit in Poland.
migrant info pl/Work_permit.html
Yaser arfat  
13 Oct 2015 /  #79
Sir I am Yaser arfat belong to Pakistan sir I have valid shangen visa three month sir I want Poland work permit with Job salary 500€ per month I have experience in general worker small industry South Korea and other job experience hotel room cleaner please arrange my work permit and TRP residence permit of Poland I pay all expensive now I am stay in Germany
27 May 2016 /  #80
I have a question about work permit. Can employer create a very specific advertisement to be presented it in Voivodeship and to minimize the possibilities of others to apply for the offer?
31 Jul 2018 /  #81
this is related question for work permit visa

What type of question put Poland embassy for work permit visa . How can get appointment for interview in Poland embassy in our country. this is my whatapp number - +919416045182

Any agent can help to clears my interview.
7 Sep 2018 /  #82
hi looker how are you i applied for a work permit in poland i jst need your help embassy requirement is to provide ntn tax return but i dnt have that and my visa is a general helper wht can i do now..
Saim Jan  
8 Sep 2018 /  #83
hi looker i just want to know about if a person gets polish work permit visa and arrives in Poland can he travel to other Schengen countries just for visit for few days and come back to Poland

Please looker reply i will wait for your reply
Thanks in Advanced
8 Sep 2018 /  #84
@mezi what is the

ntn tax return


my visa is a general helper

@Saim Jan - yes, after you register your stay in Poland:

foreigners with a valid residence permit in a Schengen State and carrying valid documents can travel within the territory and do not need any special permission to do so.
20 Mar 2019 /  #85
@arslan Hi, Good to know you got work permit. Can you let us know, what type of questions were asked by Polish consulate Islamabad during interview?
Aniq Malik  
6 Jun 2019 /  #86
Dear Looker hi i have some questions about registering stay in Poland. I have a work visa of Poland What documents do i need to get register in Poland and how long does it take time to get register.Will authority issue me something as proof of stay in Poland and can i travel other Schengen country for visit what about TR or PR how to get TR or PR in Poland

Thanks and will wait for your reply

Hi Looker I think you are busy that's why you did not reply i am still waiting for your reply please reply soon
Thanks Bro

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