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Major Issue with Poland's Residence Card! I have Polish wife, but no job, passport, I'm seeking for asylum.

5 Oct 2016 /  #1
Hello House,
I will go straight to the point;
I am an asylum seeker; i have with me an ID card TYMCZASOWE ZASWIADCZENIE TOZSAMOSCI CUDZOZIEMCA, I just got married to my Polish wife some last month, i want to amend my card to the Residence card, to enable me work!

So far my case has been a straight, but i don't know how to go about this i want the best advice from the experienced people on the forum as a matter of urgency.

The major issue is this:
-I dont have my national passport with me, if i want to apply for one i can only do this in Berlin, of which i am not permitted to travel out of Poland with the ID that i have.

- My wife is not currently working all our finances that covers the rent and every other expenses comes from my family monthly they support us with $400.

The question is:
1.Must my wife have a job before i can apply for the residence card as i will not be able to work during this process?

2. Can i apply for this card without my passport, having understand that i cannot travel outside Poland to get my passport, every information about me is as written on my TYMCZASOWE ZASWIADCZENIE TOZSAMOSCI CUDZOZIEMCA.

3.During this process, can i enroll for a driving school? so i wont be sleeping at home doing nothing
Now i want to know the possibility of me applying for the residence card based on marriage in my City and not having to complicate the whole matter. I can apply for this in OPOLE, Poland.

Thank you in advance
8 Oct 2016 /  #2
You have a temporary foreigner identification card (not residency) but we need to know more info. What is your nationality? What is your passport nation (if not the same or more than one)? How long have you been in Poland and have you applied for residency in the past and been denied? Is your wife Polish or some other nationality (e.g., American with Polish background)? Were you married in Poland and was it civil and/or religious (Catholic or some other religious wedding with "concord" with the state ... meaning legal). Answer these, and then there can be some real solutions.
8 Oct 2016 /  #3
The OP should really be asking these questions of the office that organised his card or the government department that's handling his application for asylum. Also when he got his tymczasowy thing, he would or should have been given a booklet (available in several languages including English) which is issued to all refugees/asylum seekers and sets out amongst other things, conditions regarding work plus a list of contacts for organisations that provide support for applicants. I could understand his difficulties if he spoke neither English nor Polish, but if his wife is Polish, I don't see why she can't make a few phone calls or toddle along to the relevant government office and get the necessary information. The language is obviously not a problem for her.
8 Oct 2016 /  #4
to enable me work!

What skills do you have that make up for your inability to speak/understand Polish (a requirement of the great majority of jobs that you would be looking for)?
OP noble  
8 Oct 2016 /  #5
@all, the summary is I have a temporary ID card without my national passport. I want to know if I can apply for the normal residence permit without a passport.

With my present ID card I am not obliged to leave Poland. Because I can only make my passport in Berlin Germany.
8 Oct 2016 /  #6
I want to know if I can apply for the normal residence permit without a passport.

Nothing anyone can tell you here is liable to be accurate (except by chance). You need to go to the immigration office (take your wife to interpret) since only what they say will matter. Also Polish legal regulations are at times ambiguous and sometimes offices in different cities interpret the rules differently so again, only believe what your local office tells you.
8 Oct 2016 /  #7
Can you not get your passport through the German Embassy in Poland?
30 Nov 2016 /  #9
@dhrynio He said he's an asylum seeker, so not German. Not sure where from but probably Africa/Mid-East. He's probably stuck in the system in Germany and looking for an alternate path. If he's now married to an EU national (Polish woman), he'll have to go through the whole process to get residency in Poland, but without his original nation's passport he's not likely to even get started in Poland. So, he needs that first but since he claimed asylum in Germany and not in Poland, he will have to wait there til he gets a decision, which is now even more complicated by his marriage. While I believe in love, in this case the authorities definitely will be very suspicious of a sham marriage and that will take both time and some interviews over months or years to prove it is real (been there, done that). I don't see how Poland will even deal with him until Germany has processed his case. Hope he's young and patient.

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