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Polesie Voivodeship before WWI?

2 Jan 2012 /  #1
can anyone tell me about Polesie Voivodeship before ww1?
ethnic makeup? religious make up?
2 Jan 2012 /  #2
Now you're asking for help? I surely help you after reading that:

you helped kill 6 million Jews and yet now no jews are left in poland and you are still talking about jews likes its a love story...

You're an Interent troll and don't deserve for any help.
please, don't take quotes from one thread and post them in another.
2 Jan 2012 /  #3
ethnic makeup?

Many Poles and many Jews but the number of Jews was decrising due to Poles making kiełbasa out of them.
2 Jan 2012 /  #4
Polesie voievodship were 50 per cent jews and 50 per cent Poleshuks plus one Brit (a military retiree) who spent his days hunting for ducks in the swamps - - wikipedia entry on Polesie Voivodeship
OP alxmac  
4 Jan 2012 /  #5
i am polish and most poles are anti jewish. end of story

thank you for the little information of polesia :)
4 Jan 2012 /  #6
Wrong, but whatever makes you feel good about yourself...
4 Jan 2012 /  #7
hes being sarcastic cause theres a thread which states this.
4 Jan 2012 /  #8
i am polish and most poles are anti jewish. end of story

are you speaking for yourself ?
4 Jan 2012 /  #9
marek its sarcasm..... read the other thread ..
4 Jan 2012 /  #10
i am polish and most poles are anti

You seem to be something different each day. One day you are Belarussian then you are Polish then you are Russian then you are Jewish......

One day you say you live in Belarus then another day you say you are from Germany....

You just sound like a Russian troublemaker.
6 Jan 2012 /  #11
Poland is not anti Jews, jews are anti other nation they just getting back what they are giving.

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