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Great Grandfather - Leon Kulikowski - was shot by Bolsheviks in 1919

14 Jun 2015 /  #1
Dear Researchers,

I'm looking for any informations about my great grandfather, Leon Kulikowski (from Kulikowski herbu Drogomir - family), who was shot on 19th August 1919 by Bolsheviks, most probably in Olchowiec (Ukraine?).

There is a newspaper-article from a Polish-American newspaper from around the 1920s in New York, reporting about his death.
dead link now

I've checked various databases and many genealogical resources but I can't find anything regarding his life/death, maybe someone can give me a hint?

20 Jun 2015 /  #2
Yes, Olchowiec is presently a village in Ukraine - the Lviv region.
It's a pity, that's no full article available, maybe we could find something else in there - here are mainly described some struggles with the Bolsheviks. I think that one of the most desirable information for now would be his place of birth.

I know, not much help so far.
19 Sep 2015 /  #3
I've found his birth-date and birth-place... I actually tried to contact you via Mail, but that's not possible because I need to post at least twice here before sending private messages..

Maybe you'll see my answer..

Leon was born on 29.02.1877 in Kiew, killed by communists on 19.08.1919. His place of residence is named "Ranch Olchowiec" in Kiew, Ukraina. He was married to Anna Krynska

I'm really trying to dif up informations in the Ukraina archives, or the archives of the Lviv region. I've googled and translated a lot of websites but I can't really find any "holdings" or something useful..
19 Sep 2015 /  #4
So you are the original poster - a 'Guest' then? It's good that you have something more. Lot of work though to gather additional info - check the whole thread below for an available genealogy resources, read this specified post - there's a hint on someone who might help with the Ukraine research:

Some questions from PM (no confidential information there so I decided to publish it here - might be useful for others)

Could you help me to find the place named "Olchowiec"? I can't find it via Google because I'm not familiar with the russian alphabet and it seems like there are more than one place with the same name.

It turns out that the particular location of this place is not so obvious:'khovets',+Lviv+Oblast,+Ukraina/@49.6399947,24.1705007,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x0:0x0!2zNDnCsDM4JzI0LjAiTiAyNMKwMTAnMjQuMCJF!3b1!3m1!1s0x473a92ca11492ef7:0xc0a39e3ed0ed60d0

yet another town which could be named Olchowiec at the beginning of the 20th century:'khivtsi,+Zakarpats'ka+oblast,+Ukraina/@48.258235,23.7493008,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47379eaa156f3871:0x668a3c1483b82e78

other links:ślański)

this is another Olchowiec (in Poland):,21.4641989,11z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x473c255ee266d38b:0x62e0eea39485d2a6

I've contacted the archive in Kiev, but all I got was a word-document attached with this text. I've tried to translate it, but I really don't understand what I should do you know any russian?

From what I can see from the Russian text they say that in order to meet all formal requirements the petition should contain name, surname, residence place and the specified issue - question. It have to be signed with data and then sent to them. (Maybe a good scan should be enough?)

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