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Poland Apparel/Clothing Fashion Dropshipping

jaydev 1 | -  
12 Dec 2015 /  #1
Hello Everyone here,

I am from Netherlands and i am keen on being a fashion entrepreneur. I already do business via Amazon and sometimes buying selling stock lots of fashion clothing's.

I am planning to open a webshop in summer 2016 selling fashion clothing's, shoes and handbags. I plan to operate the webshop on dropshipping concept. My intention is to create a consortium of Polish manufacturers (3-5 at least) and then sell their products on dropship basis.

I am looking for help/information on finding Polish fashion manufacturers who also do dropshipping to European customers. My focus will be on customers in NL, BE, DE, UK, and marketplaces such as Amazon among others.

Sorry to bother you members here, i asked for help since i cannot speak Polish language. So thought perhaps some knowledgeable member can give some guidance.

Thanks a lot and have a gr8 day.

terri 1 | 1661  
13 Dec 2015 /  #2
There are thousands of websites in Poland selling clothes (new and used). I do not see that what you proposed to offer is anything different to what they already offer.
India Supplier 1 | 3  
23 Dec 2015 /  #3
Hi JayDev,
This is Rupesh, and Indian, travelling to Poland from january 27, 2016 for 5 days, please get in touch if there is something we can do business-wise
Mige126 - | 4  
11 Jan 2016 /  #4
We provide warehousing and e-fulfillment for companies like yours. We can arrange deliveries and reliable shipping within PL or EU. Please contact me: and explain in more detailed way your needs regarding fashion manufacturers in PL.

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