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Fashion Tip for clubbing in Poland

giggler9891 1 | 2  
7 Oct 2010 /  #1
Hiya! I am wondering if anyone can help me with this as Im hopeless!!!

I wanna know what 's the appropriate, not-appearing-too-edgy ''going out outfit'' in Poland? I fancy to visit Poland soon and I planned to have a night out with my Polish mates who think I dont dress normal... so don't wanna be a total shocking dickhead when Im partying, need help to fit, dress me up!!
7 Oct 2010 /  #2
The rules are simple. No gimp suit, no entry.

Only kidding. What kind of club?
OP giggler9891 1 | 2  
7 Oct 2010 /  #3
Gimp suit, icccccccccck! I dress crazy but not enough to be out in a gimp suit

Well, sort of MIAMI-ish full of raving crowd club.
juliarobinson - | 1  
12 Feb 2013 /  #4
Well, to me you can wear trendy outfits make weird hairstyles and visit any club. No one will stop you. I don't know much about guy's b'coz they hardly care. Do they ? But if you have long hair, you can go for pony tails. That may look very stylish.
mvefa 5 | 591  
12 Feb 2013 /  #5
just wear army pants, a tighter-than-life t-shirt, shave your head, and to complete the look wear a will blend right in ;)

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