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Wizzair/Lot airlines - working for them

28 Aug 2007 /  #1
Does anyone (long shot) work for any airline companies based here in the UK or Poland with Wizzair or LOT and can tell me what it is like ... i have just sent off my application for Wizzair and have the LOT one to fill in still :)

Any information about what the jobs like or the training would be appreciative .. i am aware with Wizzair i will have to live near the Katowice airport training base for 6 weeks ...

so if anyone can enlighten me be brill or know friends away from the site that can offer advice for the selection and training .. i would be ever so grateful

cheers gang :D
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
28 Aug 2007 /  #2
Go for it Tf - best of luck to you!
Ranj 21 | 948  
28 Aug 2007 /  #3
Hi T, can only tell you that I flew on Wizz Air from Luton to frills....first time I had ever been on a plane and the flight attendant gave safety directions in both Polish and English.

Good luck.....I had a friend who was a flight attendant here in the states, years ago and she loved it....she flew all over the world.
OP telefonitika  
28 Aug 2007 /  #4
Go for it Tf - best of luck to you!

Good luck.....

cheers will keep you posted .. my polish is basic but if i apply some more knowledge and that i am sure with time and practise i will master esp the safety directions in polish :D
Ranj 21 | 948  
28 Aug 2007 /  #5
will master esp the safety directions in polish

No worries of the flight attendants gave the directions while the other gestured and pointed out exits....:)
Michal - | 1,865  
30 Aug 2007 /  #6
I was thinking about that myself. If you are working in cabin crew between Poland and England they may be looking for bilingual staff. It might be a problem especially with so many young people in Poland knowing English already. Anyway, good luck!
Cosmo 5 | 18  
4 Sep 2007 /  #7
What you want to know? I might be able ot help.
Send me a message or PM...
OP telefonitika  
4 Sep 2007 /  #8
Have done :D
waveydave 4 | 39  
2 Jul 2008 /  #9
Wizzair or LOT

Go with LOT... the pilots'll be ex-military and will have more flying hours. Might be useful if you have to crash-land (joke) ;)
3 Jul 2008 /  #10
Go with Wizzair, they have pink planes.
LondonChick 31 | 1,133  
3 Jul 2008 /  #11
Good luck, T!

I don't have any info for you, but thought that this would make you chukcle :D

OP telefonitika  
3 Jul 2008 /  #12
I have Pam Ann's " Come Fly with Me" DvD chick she is hilarious and has loads of fans from the airline industry from crew, pilots to immigration :)
OP telefonitika  
3 Jul 2008 /  #14
ill keep you posted on that one ... just done some courses at the aviation academy in doncaster ... so they will help :)

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