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Glasgow to Katowice - Wizzair OK?

jeandarren 6 | 30  
2 Jul 2008 /  #1
Hi All

I'm going on a flight from Glasgow-Prestwick to Katowice on Sat, this is the first time i havent used Centralwings (thankfully i didn't book with them, as all flights are grounded!!)

What are your views on wizzair? Hope we don't get delayed, as i can't wait to get there! he he
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
2 Jul 2008 /  #2
I'm making the same journey in reverse a week tomorrow. Things should be fine, I made the same trip back home last Oct 4 my bro's wedding.

Wizzair have very pricey inflight things but u r under no obligation 2 buy of course. There shouldn't be any delays.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
2 Jul 2008 /  #3
Hi Jean, as you can imagine, Wizz air have been mentioned on these forums quite a bit. Most of the comments are positive.
My own experience was a good one, nothing fancy, no pre - allocated anything, but thats OK with me.
Bring your own sarnies - the one I bought in flight nearly pulled my teeth out.
OP jeandarren 6 | 30  
2 Jul 2008 /  #4
Great! Thanks :-)

That's weird that your almost on the same trip Seanus :)

I'm now a bit more at ease :)
VaFunkoolo 6 | 654  
2 Jul 2008 /  #5
Dont forget to read about the road trip to Hel and back in Wizz's inflight magazine this month
jagoda12 - | 15  
2 Jul 2008 /  #6
I`ve taken Wizz a few times and can asuure you I`ve never been disappointed so far.As for the food it`s true.
2 Jul 2008 /  #7
Wizzair food prices "the entire menu" (taken from their inflight mag feb 2008 -- so may have been updated a little)

all are quoted in euros (but they will take GBP/DOLLAR/ZLOTY and EURO currency)

Nestea Lemon - 2.50
Bottle of Water Active o2 - 4.00
Mineral Water sparkling or still - 2.00
Heineken beer - 3.50
red wine 3.50
white wine 3.50
whisky 4.00
bacardi 4.00
vodka 4.00
can of pop 2.00
red bull 3.50
Granini (apple/orange and tomato) 2.00

coffee nescafe - 2.50
cappuncino nescafe 2.50
hot tea 2.00

sandwiches 4.00
soup 3.00
bake rolls - 1.50
crossiant 2.00
crisps 1.50
peanuts 1.00
cake bar 1.00
tic tacs 1.00
twix 1.00

meal deals
hot drink and crossiant 4.50
sandwich and beer 7.50
lunch combination (sandwich/cake bar and soft drink) 7.00
snack special bake rolls and beer 5.00
red bull specials (vodka red bull/whisky red bull/bacardi red bull) 8.50
long drink specials (vodka orange/vodka coke/whisky coke/bloody mary/barcardi coke/barcardi orange) 7.00

todays exchange rate is 1 EUR = 3,3558 zloty 1 GBP = 4,2174zloty

but it will give you an overall picture to work with ..... :D

but wizzair are a good company and chances are you may departs earlier or even be ahead of schedule when land (25mins in my case) that was going on way back 10mins ahead of scheduled landing ....
waveydave 4 | 39  
2 Jul 2008 /  #8
I once got delayed going from Katowice to Luton for about 15 hours while engineers were fixing the wizzair plane. Really annoying.

Recently I was at Katowice airport and three flights from Wizzair were delayed whereas the only other plane took off on time - that one was LOT.

I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with Wizzair and I hope you leave on time but I think you do have to be careful with budget airlines because they really do operate on a tight budget.
2 Jul 2008 /  #9
15 hours while engineers were fixing the wizzair plane. Really annoying.

obviously you didnt think that at least the repair is being fixed prior to take off which could endanger lives hence the length of time taken to repair ....

but I think you do have to be careful with



to be honest.....
waveydave 4 | 39  
2 Jul 2008 /  #10
Well, yes I am happy the plane was fixed when I got in it.

I wasn't meaning to have a pop at Wizzair but I work in air traffic control and I know that budget airlines have a very tight budget. I think on the whole Wizzair do a great job at a good price.

If I travel with work I always go with a national carrier like BA - but then its not my money I'm spending then :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
2 Jul 2008 /  #11
Thx 4 the price list telefonitika but it is a little misleading when u don't put how many mls are in each drink. Not a 660ml big Heineken but a 330ml can. It's a rip-off, daylight robbery
2 Jul 2008 /  #12

nestea lemon 0.5l
standard can size of pop 0.33l
red wine white wine 0.187l
active 02 0.7l
mineral water 0.5l
whisky 0.05l
barcardi 0.05l
vodka 0.05l
red bull standard can size
heineken 0.33l

does that help lmao
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
2 Jul 2008 /  #13
Spot on, it puts the scandal into perspective
2 Jul 2008 /  #14
I work in air traffic control

NATS ... yes?

So you know what i mean when i say tight slot baby!

Hueg - | 320  
2 Jul 2008 /  #15
So you know what i mean when i say tight slot baby

tele... i'm shocked :) in a good way
waveydave 4 | 39  
2 Jul 2008 /  #16
NATS ... yes?

Yes, exactly... this is where I learnt not all airlines aren't equal. I'm not a controller though.

You took me by surprise there telefontinka.
OP jeandarren 6 | 30  
3 Jul 2008 /  #17
Thanks for all the comments everyone, praying now that there's no delays. :-O
Marcus911 3 | 102  
16 Aug 2008 /  #18
On the 24th of May 2008 I booked return flights from Belfast to Katowice for my pregnant wife, 17-month-old child and I. We booked and paid for these seats online at a price of 294.86 GPB.

The outbound flight, Belfast to Katowice, Poland was uneventful however on our return date of the 24th of July 2008, like always I checked the internet in the event of flight delays as we had a two and a half hour journey to the airport, but could not see Wizzair flight W6 117 which was due to depart at 18:45 from Katowice to Belfast.

I informed my wife and asked her to call the customer care line as she could speak Polish, and realized that the cost of doing so was 3.66 Pln per minute equivalent to GBP: 0.90 pence per minute. We had no choice as we needed to speak to Wizzair therefore my wife proceeded to call the customer care line which was answered by Wizzair’s telephonic robot which proceeded to ask her to press various numbers on her handset until she got to the correct department were she was kept on hold for little over 1 hour which at this stage she had to hang up due to the mounting cost.

After the unsuccessful £58.50 phone call to Wizzair, I decided that I would call Belfast International Airport who confirmed my fears that Wizzair flight W6 117 from Katowice to Belfast had been cancelled by the airline without giving my wife and I notice and that Wizzair had retracted all services from Belfast to Katowice indefinitely. We tried Wizzair’s customer care line again however was the same scenario therefore I sent them an email in hope of some return contact, instead I received a message stating that due to technical difficulties it may take up to 30 days to respond to my email.

I was due to start back to work that evening therefore we looked online for alternative flights, as we could not contact Wizzair, however Ryanair and Aerlingus were around £800 GPB therefore we booked the cheapest alternative, which was Easyjet from Prague to Belfast 4 days later, at a cost of £289.00 GPB.

I have since sent multiple emails to various Wizzair departments of which none of them have been acknowledged.

Below you will find a breakdown of my costs due to Wizzairs cancellation of Flight W6 117, not to mention the unnecessary hardship, which my family and I have endured.

Wizzair Flight costs: £294.86

Phone calls: £ 58.50

Easyjet flights: £280.72

5 hour Connection from Poland to Prague airport £60.00 Fuel costs

Loss of earnings: £450.

Total losses: £1,152.36

Still no word back from Wizzair, beware of using this airline, check other reviews on the internet, don't just take my word for it.
16 Aug 2008 /  #19

i believe the words "we get the message" apply as you have posted this in every thread containing anything relating to an airline ....
Marcus911 3 | 102  
17 Aug 2008 /  #20
Yes,. that was the idea, glad that you seen the message, I just hope that some managers from Wizzair also see it and do something about it.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
25 Jun 2009 /  #21
The cancellation of this route was ridiculous. Aberdeen Airport is retarded. When is there gonna be a flight to Krakow from there?

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