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Thinking of spending time teaching in Poland!

osiol 55 | 3,922  
29 Sep 2007 /  #31
You could make some fantastic mistakes being taught by a monolingual foreign language teacher.
johan123 1 | 228  
29 Sep 2007 /  #32
I would have thought so. I have never been a teacher but how can you explain grammar and vocabulary otherwise?

My teacher started with the verb " to be" and went on to Simple Present and then Simple Past all the time staying in English. It was difficult at first but later on it became natural.
Michal - | 1,865  
30 Sep 2007 /  #33
When I was at Guildford College in 1999/2000 we were students doing a TESOL course in the evenings and part of the course sylabus was learning a foreign target language just to see what it was like to be students ourselves. One of the teachers was Finnish so we had a couple of hours of Finnish all in the target language. Maybe I did not have enough time to get used to it, but I must say that I found it very confusing to have all the vocabulary and lesson in Finnish only with no English explanations along the way. I would think that learning this way would be slower.
johan123 1 | 228  
30 Sep 2007 /  #34
Of couse, at the start it's slower but after a while your listening comprehension begins to develope and the process becomes quicker.
Michal - | 1,865  
30 Sep 2007 /  #35
As I say, it was only a few hour lessons and not an entire course going on for a year or more but I am not used to learning that way myself and I get a bit 'stuck in my ways'. I found it very confusing and in fact it can send out the wrong messages as you may be saying something but think it means something completely different!
johan123 1 | 228  
30 Sep 2007 /  #36
Really depends on the skill of a given teacher. I was taught as a child and because we couldn't speak Polish we were on the whole more focused on what the teacher was saying in English.
3 Oct 2007 /  #37
My girl friend an i are planing on moving to Wroclaw next year for six months. I am Australian and speak no Polish, only English. My girl friend lived in Poland until she was 10, she speaks fluent Polish and fluent English.

What advice can people give in finding a teaching job in Poland? Do you think we will have much chance of finding a job? Is it still advisable that my gf to obtain a TEOSL qualification? What would be the standard pay for an English teacher with and without TESOL qualification?
chromium - | 15  
3 Oct 2007 /  #38
Chromium you seem to be an expert on English teachers

I don't claim to be an expert, just posting from my experience here and for what applies to the majority of teachers. There are always going to be exceptions, and obvioulsy in your case, with a degree in Education, much of what I've posted doesn't apply to you. However, if the people posting here had a degree in Education, they wouldn't be asking for advice on what to do to teach in Poland.

I challenge you to find out what percentage of native English speakers in private schools in Poland have no qualifications to teach English. The percentage will be quite low. You make it sound like anyone who is a native speaker can get a job at a private school, which is simply not true. What I'm saying is not rubbish, and it applies to most of the people on this forum.

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