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Opportunity as a Graphic Designer in Poland?

ziggy 1 | -  
6 Oct 2007 /  #1
Hi everyone, I would like to know if I can find a good opportunity as a Graphic design in Poland, however I don't speak Polish, and it is a minus i guess so.

thank's a lot
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
6 Oct 2007 /  #2
Do you mean Graphic designer....if so then i might be able to help....
Michal - | 1,865  
10 Oct 2007 /  #3
s a Graphic design in Poland, howev

I am not sure about graphic design but I do know that Poland is very famous for art work in general. I remember when I was in Krakow many years ago and I met a Scotsman who was attending a summer school programme in krakow as, unknown to me at the time, Poland is, or was at least famous for poster production of all things! I suppose that these things all depend on connections and contacts. If unemployment is high, they will prefer Polish native speakers to fill those jobs first, especially as so many are leaving to find work themselves overseas. A knowledge of polish must help too, of course.

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