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I want to live in Poland with my future wife (need job suggestions)

Andy1968 3 | 16  
26 Mar 2007 /  #1

What would you suggest as a job which I could do as an English speaker with (at the moment0 limited Polish.?

Are there many jobs that English speaker is good for?
daffy 23 | 1,508  
26 Mar 2007 /  #2
well when i was in poland last i visted several language schools, i have elementary polish i was told that i could find work in a language school! (i went to several in wroclaw and only one said id need a n interview!!)...(crazy i know but there you go!)

if you've got 'skillz' lol im sure you can find a multinational
Goonie 8 | 242  
26 Mar 2007 /  #3
how much would one of those pay in US currency?
James Bond  
26 Mar 2007 /  #4
Difficult to say. In some schools the hours worked are up to you.
daffy 23 | 1,508  
26 Mar 2007 /  #5
yea, its very individual...
Goonie 8 | 242  
26 Mar 2007 /  #6
well what about hourly pay?
OP Andy1968 3 | 16  
27 Mar 2007 /  #7
Sounds good about the schools.
Living in england is starting to depress me
Poland just makes me feel as if ive belonged forever.
Ive just come back after my fiancees father sadly passed away but even being there then felt special.
To work there and make my life there would be amazing.
I guess i better frantically learn more Polish.
I need to be able to get a Dog in the Fog beer as well LOL
James Bond  
27 Mar 2007 /  #8
Dog in the Fog beer

No problem it's everywhere.
OP Andy1968 3 | 16  
27 Mar 2007 /  #9
That Extra Smooth taste is amazing
Im totally hooked on that and Zywiec
bruno 2 | 48  
27 Mar 2007 /  #10
proofreading, translations (with some helpo from your wife), sales to english speaking clients,
28 Mar 2007 /  #11
I want to live in Poland with my future wife

we all want that andy so no new news on that .
24 May 2007 /  #12
Hi Andy

How did oyu get on. I too am going to Poland for a woman. I have lived in many countries and have taught English. Maybe you could take a business English answer as i see you work in accounts. In my experience though come September most schools will take people without any experience
away guy 10 | 343  
24 May 2007 /  #13
Only some Callan schools will take teachers without any degrees , however some Callan and all otheer schools insist that the teachers have good degrees and TEFL and so on....
davidpeake 14 | 451  
24 May 2007 /  #14
depends on the city you are trying to get a job in, what city are you moving to.

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