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Internship in Krakow. Visa/Work Permit Question

2 May 2007 /  #1
Hey, thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer this question, and thanks anyways even if you dont.

Ive recently gotten an internship in Krakow, but I have already bought my ticket to Poland (to spend a month there for the summer) so Im scheduled to leave in a few weeks. Now for the question, is a visa necessary to work at all in Poland for an American citizen if Im there working less than 90 days? If it is, can I apply for my visa once I am in Poland or must it be done before I depart?

Ive contacted the embassy but they have only gave me limited information and spoke of my company acquiring a work permit for me, so I have emailed this company.

Thanks again, and take care you all!
2 May 2007 /  #2
No visa is required to Poland.
2 May 2007 /  #3
spoke of my company acquiring a work permit for me

i think that would imply that indeed you need a permit


...that foreigners from non-UE countries will be able to work in Poland for three months without a job permit, unless the company hiring them signs a statement confirming willingness to employ them...

citation from:

you'll find more answers on that web site if needed
OP jtmWIEN  
2 May 2007 /  #4
Thanks, Ive checked my dates and I will actually be in Poland for 91 days but as long as I leave the country at some point in between May and August I will be ok, correct?

And thanks for the fast reply again! Im excited to spend a summer in Krakow.

Thanks Glowa, I will check out this website now!
8 Sep 2009 /  #5
I m a Nepali citizen, i want to apply for internship visa in Krakow, how should i find the company providing internship?

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