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Vehicle Transport Services from NY to Poland

atlantic 17 | 65  
23 Jan 2009 /  #1
Is anybody aware of any services in the NY metro area with which you can arrange the transport of a motor vehicle? motorcycle? etc. to Poland.

Thanks in advance,
Marke79 - | 1  
10 Feb 2009 /  #2
Hello everyone,

I've already shipped the car from USA (Bayonne, NJ).
It wasn't difficult to send car to Poland but it was difficult to find Customs Agency.
I found it.
If u have any problems please contact with Peter from TAKSIM-POL Agency.
They caen organise customs clearance in Gdynia or make transit clearance and u can make customs clearance in your city :)
He speaks english and polish. Phone to This company (058) 627 40 71
This company made me customs clearance.

So don't worry, everything will be fine :)
Mark Karaszewsky

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