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public transport costs between areas in Poland

10 Feb 2007 /  #1
Hey there guys i know some of you have agreed to look into costs for me to how much public transport costs would be to go to the areas i am planning to visit this summer for three weeks :)

here are the locations going from - to:

Gdansk - Torun
Torun - Poznan
Poznan - Warsaw
Warsaw - Wroclaw
Wroclaw - Krakow
Krakow - Zakopane
and finally at the end of the adventure
Zakopane - Katowice airport to fly home

Approx journey times and approx costs be appreciative :)
(if you need dates let me know)

Cheers all
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
10 Feb 2007 /  #2
Maybe you can use this to plan part of your trip. Have fun!!
OP telefonitika  
10 Feb 2007 /  #3

I do plan fun :)
Kowalski 7 | 621  
12 Feb 2007 /  #4
I'll tell you something hopfully usefull about trains in Poland.
We have Intercity Trains (IC) with seat reservation, which are the fastest, would stop only on major hubs and are with best blessed with best quality customer service, where you'd have restaurant car and some trains would even have an internet access. Food is actually good there but there's not much to choose. Anyway you'd be better off having your meals somewhere else but it would be still nice to have a break in reastaurant car on longer routes especially. There's also someone selling snacks and drinks, newspappers on IC trains. No smoking anywhere.

Another type are the Express Trains (EX) with seat reservation as well - they differ from IC that they don't have restaurant car but usually would have a snack car with drinks. EXs would also tend to have more stops then EC and would be somewhat slower then EC.

Then we have the POSPIESZNY P (fast) with no seat reservation -those trains are most popular, usually you'd have many connections to choose from, trains do stop in biger and some smaller towns but do not in very small towns

OSOBOWY O (regular) Osobowy stops on every train station along, often every 15 minnutes or so. Good for shorter trips.
Here are my sugestions for your route

Gdansk - Torun - take P - 36PLN 2nd class or 54 1st class, TIME less then 3 hrs
Torun - Poznan - take P TIME 2.30 similar price
Poznan - Warsaw take IC - 90 PLN 2nd, 125 1st, TIME 3 hrs
Warsaw - Wroclaw take IC - 96 PLN or 131 PLN , TIME 5 hrs
Wroclaw - Krakow take IC - 84 PLN or 114 PLN, Time 4 hrs
Krakow - Zakopane take bus, about 2 hrs
and finally at the end of the adventure
Krakow - Katowice take P - 20 PLN 30 PLN, less then 2hrs

Last year we had summer promotion package from PKP where you could take 4 trips on Ex or IC trains anywhere for the price of PLN 150. Two trips on 1st class and two 2nd class. It was called VOJAGER package and is likely to be offered for thiscoming summer. With that package you'd still have to pay for seat reservation on each route (about 25 PLN for EX or 50 IC) but it's overall great value.

Also from Friday 18.00 PM to Monday 6.oo AM for the price of 60 PLN 1st class or 80 PLN 2nd class you could travel all POSPIESZNY and OSOBOWY trains all over Poland, wherever you want.

The ticket's called TURYSTYCZNY and is issued with your name on it. You'd have to show it, when asked with some picture ID. Your name's on it so you wouldn't give it or sell to someone when still valid on weekend.
OP telefonitika  
12 Feb 2007 /  #5
Kowalski thank you so much for that information i appreciated it alot it was useful to read and helps with the planning.

Dzieki :)

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