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Importing a car from the US to Poland

westvillage 1 | 6  
21 Aug 2007 /  #1
Does anyone have experience importing a car from the US to Poland? I'm having a hard time getting a solid answer as to what kind of taxes and fees I might be hit with. I'd like to buy a new or nearly-new car in the US and ship it over (to stay). Thanks.
hello 22 | 891  
21 Aug 2007 /  #2
The best would be to move the car or any other goods through repatriation. So if you or another person moves to Poland permanently, you don't have to pay any taxes if you move up to 2 cars (I think).
OP westvillage 1 | 6  
21 Aug 2007 /  #3
We live in New York - we're in Poland two months out of the year so we don't qualify for repatriation. The idea was to let my wife's family use the car when we're not here. If we can save money by putting the title in their name, I have no problem with that though.
hello 22 | 891  
21 Aug 2007 /  #4
If you're going to visit Poland for on long-term basis (let's say for 10 years or so), I would think it makes sense to import a car to Poland from the US because cars in Poland may be 30%-100% more expensive than in the US (especially the luxury ones).

I found some info and here is what they wrote:

- transportation cost - about $1,200

- tax - 10%
- akcyza (another tax depending on the engine capacity) - 13%
- vat (yet another tax) - 22%

In fact the car would cost you: the value of the car + 35%+$1200. So if you buy a car for 20K, it in the end costs 27K+$1200=$28.2K.

The more expensive car, the better to import it to Poland.
OP westvillage 1 | 6  
21 Aug 2007 /  #5
Dzieki. I've been getting a lot of varied opinions such as "There's a 60% tax on all imports" and other vague guesses, but this seems much more sane and probable.
Qacer 38 | 125  
21 Aug 2007 /  #6
Just a thought. Can't you ship the car to another European country with lower tariffs and just drive it to Poland?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
21 Aug 2007 /  #7
You can. But after some time you have to re-register it to become legal.

I would just buy a new or nearly new car when I got here. And cut out shipping costs.

Or buy a car in the [Polish] family's name, let them look after it and then use it when you get here.
jadachw49w - | 5  
16 Oct 2007 /  #8
i wanted to do the same... i wanted to import a maluch over here...
i've been told it would be easier b parting it out, but if thats all the taxes and stuff that
HELLO stated, then it wouldnt be a bad deal, when i went for vacation back in august i actually bought a fiat for 500 zloty, so rougly 190$, if thats the case i can get away with a car for 2000?? does that make sense? can any body gimme some more info?

TheKruk 3 | 308  
1 Apr 2008 /  #9
Merged: Taxes and Duties for cars shipped to Poland from USA

Does anyone know how much taxes one would expect to pay on an automobile shipped from the USA to Poland? This is not an auto for personal use but to be sold in Poland for about $10,000 ?

Thanks all.
hello 22 | 891  
7 Apr 2008 /  #10
I say about 25%. The more expensive car, the better for you to ship from the US because for a 10K car it may not be worth it.
Dzhaklin 3 | 166  
7 Apr 2008 /  #11
Do cars from the Us pass the emission standards? My cousin tried to ship an old Mercedes over from Germany to the Us and it wouldn't pass so just wondering about it going the other way.
jezmilligan - | 4  
16 Jul 2008 /  #12
Hi westvillage - have anyone actually imported yet or checked tax details with the authorities? I'm still trying to get definite answers - not an easy thing in Poland :)

I know there are 2 tax bands if we import from elsewhere in the EU - around 3% for less than 2ltr and 13% > 2ltr - but is it different for cars from the US - I've heard figures of 22%! If not I'll check it out this week. Is there also the 22% VAT to pay from US on top of this?

Can anyone recommend a shipping company they've used? I'm looking to import a Lotus from the US - 1.8 ltr so I'm hoping it's a lower tax band.

Also what happens regarding insurance? I guess we have to get a technical check for the car before it's registered so how do you insure it to drive it from the port before you have this?

There's also another thread going on for this :

Thanks guys

Jeremy, Krakow

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