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Chicago: Parents coming from Poland next week. Where should I take them?

ksyssio 2 | 5  
5 Dec 2009 /  #1
My parents called me tonight and said that they are comming to visit me next week. I want to take them to some good restaurants in Chicago but do not know where. It doesn't have to be Polish restaurant since my mom is a cook. Parents own restaurant in Poland so I am sure they are very familiar with Polish dishes and would like to try something different. In not familiar with many upscale restaurants because I eat out 7 days a week and usually go to Giordanos or Chipotle. I need your help guys. I would like to take them to some quiet restaurant where we can have a conversation without raising our voices. I want this to make it special. I really dont want them to complain. You know how Polish parent are?
Krystal 6 | 95  
5 Dec 2009 /  #2
Well, if you are living in Chicago, take them to Chicago Downtown to Macy's, Water Tower, John Hancock or Drake Hotel. They all have nice shopping place and restaurants too. I think your parents prefer to shop more that eating in restaurants. Take them and see what they like and go to any restaurants on Michigan Ave. Nice area too.

My cousins from Poland prefer to go Chicago Downtown shopping. They like Millieumen Park very much.
Northsider 1 | 2  
7 Dec 2009 /  #3
For a taste of Chicago....take them one night to Little Italy, any Taylor Street restaurant will work (look at Metromix). Another night, a visit to China Town. For just a drink....wrigleyville or Trumps 17th floor. A nice wine bar/restaurant, hit Enetoca on Division (U Village / Wicker Park). Don't forget to get some Meixcan food in...perhaps Lalos, or a small tacoria for lunch...
Pawelek1 - | 24  
7 Dec 2009 /  #4
Portillos for hot dogs.
Krystal 6 | 95  
7 Dec 2009 /  #5
There is lot of place in Chicago Surburban too. Go to Woodfield Mall, Old Orchard Mall and Golf Mills Mall which you will find lot of Polish People in Golf Mills. There Is Long Trees Inns not far from Golf Mills.

And also there are lot of Polish People living in Algonquin too. Nice Area to visit. You can go to Spring Hills Mall in Carpenterville, IL. Nice and friendly place too. You can take your parents to Long Grove, IL. Beautiful place to visit.

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