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What's the marriage interview like in America to get a Green Card

regionpolski 33 | 153  
16 Apr 2007 /  #1
I'm an American and I married a Polish citizen in January. Our interview for her Green Card is scheduled for mid-May. Who has experience with the interview? What type of questions will be asked? How long will it take? We are bringing a translator, who also handled our paperwork, but it's been a few years since she's handled a marriage interview. I greatly appreciate any advice.
hello 22 | 891  
16 Apr 2007 /  #2
It depends on how long you've been married. If only a year or so, expect to get detailed questions like "what did you eat for breakfast", "when last time you went out", etc. If you've been married for a few years, they won't usually ask any questions. An interview can last from a few minutes to an hour or so. You just sit in a n office and talk to a government officials.

Oh, and the age/cultural difference can be important too - if you are about the same age and enthicity, you shouldn't worry too much. But otherwise - like in some business marriages - such interview could be a tough way to go through.
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
16 Apr 2007 /  #3
someone else on the forum described the interview recently and they said that they will ask you personal things, like what color underwear the other person is wearing, which side of the bed the other person sleeps on, and also about your sex life, like when was the last time you had sex. It's mainly things that a real husband and wife would know about each other.

They also ask things about the home, to make sure you really live together, like which coffee cup the other person uses in the morning. They just want to make sure you're not living in separate homes and that you're really together as husband and wife. They also said it varies according to each state. The interview may be easier in your state.

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