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Commuting costs and work-related expenses

beckski 12 | 1,612  
16 Oct 2009 /  #1
Work-related costs are soaring upward, during the current period of recession.
In the United States gasoline is approximately $3.00 per gallon. Many people are paying a small fortune, merely commuting back and forth to work.

Other work expenses may include fees for parking, fast track freeway, uniforms, dry cleaning, day care, meals, union dues, etc.

My coworker lives 55 miles from our job. He spends $400 per month in gasoline, $65 for parking permit and $150 in fast track fees. If he didn't purchase fast track, he'd have to spend close to 4 hours total driving time, during his daily commute. He brings his lunch to work, because he says he'd go broke otherwise.

What costs do you incur during the course of a regular work day?
16 Oct 2009 /  #2
I would love to sympathise, but we pay $6.30 a gallon over here, and it's not that long since it was $7.20!!! ;)

Monthly petrol: £60-70 ($98-115)
Monthly parking permit: £20 ($32)
Food: £2 ($3.20) a day (I bring my own)
Professional fees: about £6.20 monthly ($10)

Mind you, we don't need to carry guns over here (yet), so that's a saving, lol.

Makes you wonder why we bother working at all, though - the underclass probably spend that on weed, and don't need to get up to go to work!
plk123 8 | 4,138  
16 Oct 2009 /  #3
Work-related costs are soaring upward,

you can minimizing those by quitting your job. :)
OP beckski 12 | 1,612  
16 Oct 2009 /  #4
I can also have a baby and go on welfare public assistance, lol.

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