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the collective consciousness of the polish-american community

31 Jan 2007 /  #1
I'm taking a course on race and ethnic relations, and I'm researching for a paper describing history and kinship claims made among members of an ethnic group. To the best of my knowledge, my grandmother is 100% Polish, but the story of her descent and history hasn't really been passed down. Some of the content in other forums has been insightful, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if there are stories or claims that are commonly known throughout the Polish-American community.

Long story short, many Polish people tell many stories about their ancestors, but what elements do these stories all have in common?

okay, i posed this question the wrong way. you've got the prompt for the paper, but i'm not expecting anyone to write it for me.

i really just would love to hear any stories you have to tell, and i'll handle the rest.
anielka 2 | 84  
1 Feb 2007 /  #2
i really just would love to hear any stories you have to tell, and i'll handle the rest.

It's a small country in the middle of 2 more powerful ones, whose passionate people have lived, fought and died for it's freedom since it's conception.You'll have enough stories for a book, not a paper- here's a small one.My Father's acquantaince has a curved sabre, @ 1800's given to her by her Father on his deathbed- as the oldest child he charged her with it's safekeeping.She knew nothing about it, where it came from, whose it is, she has fulfilled her Father's wish- it's kept wrapped in cloth, ready to be passed on to her son- lot's more where that came from, if You wish e-mail me. Regards.
OP SouthBend  
1 Feb 2007 /  #3
that's quite generous of you, anielka. it's past bedtime in indiana, but i may be in contact in the morning. many thanks!
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
1 Feb 2007 /  #4
my grandmother is 100%

stories he says, I am queen of stories and experiences that are long and boring!

lol like this?

MyG- Grandfather Antoni was a Miller, had 7 children, his first wife had died during
childbirth, her parents had died, and he inherited the mill , 5 of these seven children
were my G-Grandmothers who passed. Well since he had such young children, he
had to find a new wife, because he couldnt work and take care of the children.

so after his second marriage, and two more children, by this time, the other children
became old enough to work with him in the mill, the locals would come over and
have their wheat ground into Flour. and in return (payment) they would leave him
enough to make bread. This was a memory all the kids were fond of was the smell
of fresh baked bread :)

Well, his Eldest son John, who was very much against war, and was a arcitect who
could build something out of scraps of wood , candy wrappers by seeing what
it looked like and taking in its features. was called for draft into austrian army
to which he didnt believe in going, so he and some of his friends decided they
would gather all their money and go to America!

Well Shortly after he landed in America, his father sent him a letter, stating that
if he didnt tell the truth that he had stolen money from him to go to America, they
would put his father in jail.

so he wrote it (with out any truth to it and never stole in his life) and sent it to
the Polish Govt so that they would not take his father away from the rest of the
children .

Well, two years later, Grandpa Antoni decides to send his second oldest son to
America with his brother.

Grandpa Antoni was very stubborn, and when it came time for MY Grandfather
Michael to sign up for drafts into the austrian army, Grandpa Antoni No Way!

someone had told him that the one of the soldiers was sleeping with the Colonels
wife! Well, it was one of the Captains who was doing it.
infuriated with this, Grandpa Antoni sent Michael to America.

when asked why he didnt want his sons drafted. His reply was

They will not join , I will not have my sons fighting in a ************ war!

The end :)

like that is what you mean, or am I telling to much?

oh Admin, I see you bleeped out my Words, is that a bad word in europe?

sorry if It is, but this story is true, and I was only trying to tell true stuff :)

ok I write my story, and still dont know if that is what he is speaking of.


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