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Polish-American Pizza Man

joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
27 Sep 2008 /  #1
In Philadelphia, everybody used to 'get along'...No guns, no murders over stupid issues...I worked as a 'pizza man', delivering pizzas for any number of joints, and always made good money and enjoyed the work...But all that is changed...White Americans can no longer do this work in the big cities: only Mexican, Muslim or African immigrants, and every year one or two of these poor people get a bullet for their work...But, in the 'old days'.....


I was a pizza delivery man for years...I live in Philadelphia...My first job out of high school was as a delivery man for a pizza joint in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philly, which at at that time (1971) was primarily white trash Irish, some Polacks and Germans, too, with Latinos up further in North Philadelphia...But everybody loved pizza...I worked for a joint called 'Lou's Pizza'...It was owned by a Jewish guy, named Lew Rosenthal, and the main pizza maker was a fat 'white trash' Irishwoman named Tootsie...Tootsie weighed about 300 pounds...But Tootsie and Lou both made great pizza, old-fashioned Italian neopolitan style with thin crust, and excellent sauce and the best mozzarella...They worked there 7 days a week, 12-13 hours a day...I worked delivery about 5 nights a week, and I made about $250-75 take home, which was good cash for an 18 year old then...Lou had a little car for delivery that I used, and gas was cheap, maybe 79 cents a gallon; he paid for the gas...We would deliver pizza, along with fresh milk shakes, sodas, cigarettes, we had 'em all in the shop...There was also a bar next door, and for special customers, I would go in and pick up 6-packs or quarts...'Lou's Pizza' was really a little joint, and kind of a dump, but we kept it clean enough, no rats, roaches, mice...Tootsie was a born comedian, and kept everybody laughing...Lou was cool, too...One time, some little red faced Irish kid came in and told him "You ******* Jew, what're ya' doin' in Fishtown?...Lou the Jew!'...Lou flipped out, and me and Tootsie had to grab him or he would have strangled the little runt, who deserved it...But it was generally calm, just a smooth runing money machine...The most unusual thing that happened to me on a delivery run was one time, delivering to a Puerto Rican neighborhood next to Fishtown, I took a pizza to a Puerto Rican woman who was a regular customer...In those days, you could leave your car running outside the house, without having to worry about somebody staeling it...for a reasonable amount of time, anyway...So I went to the door and rang the bell...A window on the third floor opened up, and the woman stuck out her head and asked if I could bring the pizza upstairs...I said 'Sure'...The front door was unlocked, so I went in and walked up to the third-floor, and saw the bedroom door cracked open...I knocked lightly and went in, and the woman was naked on the bed 'playing' with herself...she was middle-aged and not too bad looking...She asked 'Is the pizza hot?...And did you bring me the Pepsi?'...I said 'Yeah, sure, I brought you everything.'...We stared at each other...Then I said 'Ah, look my car's running ouside, and I've got other deliveries' then I handed her the bill for $7.44...She opened her purse, and handed me a $10 bill...Then she said, 'Just give me $1 back'...So, I did...a $1.66 tip...I said, 'Listen I gotta go, but it was nice seein' ya...I'll see ya' next time you order'. She said 'Yeah, OK'... I walked back down the stairs and debated whether I had passed up something good...But I had other deliveries to make, and my car was running...So, I went back to work...I waited for a delivery to that particular address again for about three weeks, but no calls...She usually ordered every week, Friday night...When we finally got a delivery for her address again about a month later, and I took the pie over, there was a different woman living there.

What a 'pizza man' can run into:

osiol 55 | 3,922  
29 Sep 2008 /  #2
A mate of mine who still delivers pizzas had a similar story, only the woman he delivered the pizza to was Slovakian, didn't move out after the interesting rendezvous, then somehow got his phone number and kept hassling him drunkenly! Perhaps it's a rite of passage for pizza deliverers the world over.
OP joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
29 Sep 2008 /  #3
Yes, and maybe plumbers, too.

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