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Whats needed for Poles to work in the UK

neilo 3 | 6  
12 Jun 2007 /  #1

My girlfriend is coming over to england this summer to work, does anybody know what she will need (documents) to get a job other then a bank account. For example does she need to get a national insurance number here?

Thanks in advance

Varsovian 92 | 634  
12 Jun 2007 /  #2
OP neilo 3 | 6  
12 Jun 2007 /  #3
Thank you, i will show this too her but as I dont speak Polish can someone tell me the basic requirements of what she'll need so I can sort things out before she comes.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
12 Jun 2007 /  #4
National Insurance Number first and foremost. You can apply in advance as long as you have some form of correspondence to your home address with her name on. Either her passport or national ID card will be needed. Armed with that you can register at a doctors and (in theory a dentist, but good luck finding one taking on new NHS patients). Bank account you've covered.

Oh to register in advance for NI number you will need some sort of proof that she is actively looking for work. If she has a job lined up then get the employer's offer letter. If not the trick is to register with a job agency and get them to provide a letter stating that she is registered

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