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Is it possible to buy Wisniowka in UK? Polish drink.

28 Dec 2006 /  #1
Hi please can you help me?

I was born and raised in the uk my grandmother was polish.
As I grew up my grandmother would make Wisniowka I new it as Vishnufka and it has been a family recipe all of my life. However the juice we used to use was called frubi.

Can you tell me if this brand still exists?
Do you distribute it?
How can I get it?
Do you know or recommend a suitable substitute?
Any help in this matter would be gratefully received
Yours truly,
Mark Green

mail me please at
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
28 Dec 2006 /  #2
If you want frubi it still exists.

A Polish shop in the UK should be able to get it for you.
bossie 1 | 123  
28 Dec 2006 /  #3
I'm a young Pole and I've never heard about it. I suppose it's my age and since I'm not the only one here under 30, could someone explain what exactly was, or is, frubi?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
28 Dec 2006 /  #4
It's a drink. In a little bottle. You mix it with water.

Sorry, the spelling is wrong. Fruit Bi
OP bfgreenie  
28 Dec 2006 /  #5
the distributor I used to use has stopped all supply, if you know of one in the UK who imports it can you please tell me

i got taught that its mixed with vodka and kept in the freezer
rafik 18 | 589  
28 Dec 2006 /  #6
As I grew up my grandmother would make Wisniowka I new it as Vishnufka

i think there are two kinds of wisniowka.
1.very strong and very cheap alcoholic drink (about 18%)-good for students:)
2.another wisniowka is quite expensive and i think is called "Nalewka babuni"-not very good for students:)
7 Jan 2007 /  #7
My mother and aunt passed this recipe on to me from their Polish mother. She immigrated to America and made this from cherries picked from their farm's cherry tree. My grandmother never wrote anything down and never taught much Polish to her children ("learn English - you're in America!") :(

So they pronounced it "vishnik". From what I've researched, I think this is actually Wisniak, sweeter than Wisniowka. (I've never tried the commercial version to compare.)

Here's my recipe:
Approximately 1/2 lb (230g) fresh sweet cherries (Bing cherries were the only ones I had available.)
1 cup (230g) granulated sugar
Approximately 2 cups (500ml) good vodka

Cut a ring around the cherries down to the stone, so the vodka can permeate the fruit.
Place cherries in a 1 quart (1 liter) jar.
Pour sugar over cherries. (Do not stir or shake).
Slowly pour the vodka over the cherries until the jar is full (leave slight gap at top). (Make sure cherries are covered, but do not stir or shake.)

Tightly close the jar and place in a pantry or closet for 3 months. (Room temperature - don't refrigerate.)
After 3 months, strain the liqueur - ready to drink!

Notes: My aunt said her mother always removed the stones from the cherry to prevent "wood poisoning". I've found other liqueur recipes that did not call for removing the stones, so I didn't. (Never suffered any ill effects). (I remember as a kid, we'd sneak a cherry or two after the liqueur was strained.)

They would make this when the cherries were ready to pick, and it would be ready in time for Thanksgiving (November). You can make it year-round these days with the availability of cherries - just let it sit for 3 months.

Now, can anyone provide the correct spelling for "pita" or "pieta"? I'm not sure if it's Polish or Serbian (my grandfather immigrated from Serbia). Thin pastry, filled with dry curd cheese mixture (eggs and a little sugar mixed in), sometimes cabbage, sometimes fruit, rolled and baked. My aunt recently taught me to make it to carry on the tradition, as she is in her 80's.
Kochana_Babcia 2 | 70  
8 Jan 2007 /  #8
rafik...For Christmas we got a gift of Nalewka Babuni, was very good and LOL even my
Mom who doesn't drink had a little bit of it.
17 Sep 2008 /  #9
just returned from poland on 9/09/08. the ntax free store had no wisniowka. where can i get it in new jersey(USA)
19 Apr 2009 /  #10
I live in Utica, New York, in the polish section of town. All of the local liquor stores sell a 50% ABV (100proof) strong cherry cordial called Wisniowka, and it's made by Nuyens in Lewiston, Maine. My roommate and I kill a bottle every other week :)

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