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Are Poles going home? Journalist's questions

Timguvnor 1 | 1  
9 Jun 2008 /  #1
Djien dobry, I'm the London correspondent for an English-language daily newspaper in Hong Kong, writing a story about why the "great Polish migration" to the UK seems to be over, with the Polish apparently now heading home in droves ...

I wondered if anyone knows why? Too expensive? More jobs back home? Homesick? Exchange rate? Racism?

If anyone is heading back to Poland from UK, or planning to soon, perhaps they would like to tell me why? If possible, could you state your name, age and occupation - you can PM if you need to.

Thanks (jinqoya??)
Tim Bryan
South China Morning Post
9 Jun 2008 /  #2
LOL! I don't suppose the Daily Mail have shares in this paper by any chance (g)

Surely there are more newsworthy items to write about than taking the easy option and jumping on a bandwagon that untalented journalists jump on ? Why don't you target other Nationalities HUH ?
OP Timguvnor 1 | 1  
9 Jun 2008 /  #3
Ooh, I can almost smell your open wound, Lir. I think you need to change bandages.

Nope, I don't work for the Daily Maildrew. In fact, I'm rather keen on Poland and the Poles; if you googled my name, you'd see I've done rather a lot of articles on Poland, for the Guardian - hardly the Mail, is it matey pips.

This is a weekly column, about London esp, reflecting what's being written, and if you accessed the archives for the SCMP, you'd see a rather lot of positive stories from me about Poles in London. I don't want to get into the usual email spat with sad aggressive types, so if anyone would care to post a serious answer, I'd much appreciate it.

9 Jun 2008 /  #4
I can almost smell your open wound, Lir.

Huh ? What do you mean by that ? Care to explain it ?

I think you need to change bandages.


is it matey pips.


sad aggressive types,

Yawn !

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