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The Northern Ireland question.

23 Nov 2006 /  #1
I'm probably going to commit forum suicide here but nevermind.
What are people's views (if they wish to express them) on the Northern Ireland question.
My opinion is (heading for my bunker), is that Ireland should be united. The Irish were brutally colonized by the English and since other colonies have been returned, why not Northern ireland. Now before we jump into the whole Catholic/Protestant debate, I'd like to state that I am ANTI-RELIGION, I don't care what people are as long as they don't bother me with it.

Now sadly the paramilitary groups in N.I which exist are turning the way that the Jamaican gunmen for PNP and JLP, did in the 1980's; they have become purely criminal organisations, with lives of their own outside of political arena.

My final aside is that the Proddy paramilitaries, often in colusion with the British government, killed many more people than the IRA ever did. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So do any potential Noble peace prize winners have any suggestions.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
23 Nov 2006 /  #2
I think that it runs a lot deeper Mr C, since in NI people get same as in the UK, national health service, they dont pay if they visit a Doctor and in general I would say they are if not happy to be part the UK but not really interested in losing the benefits that they get now. Also its a political mine field and what would become of the country if there was unification...who knows, but do they want to take that chance.

You say about the English killing Irish, yes this happened and no its not acceptable but the IRA killed a lot of Irish, lets not forget that. Bombing the mainland causing devastation and causing death is also not acceptable.

Many families in England have relatives or are of Irish decent so Irish and English have a good relationship in the main, I take on board your point about religion, but just because you dont believe in something it doesnt mean that it's not there and in Ireland it is a major cause of problems, it is inbred, they are brought up to hate, not all, but enough to still keep breeding the hate
saffron 8 | 62  
25 Nov 2006 /  #3
There will never be a solution to the Northern Ireland Question-there may be a cease fire at the moment and so called peace but it will never last.

I dont claim to know the facts or anything just focusing on my own opinion and experience.I was born in London and have lived here all my life-my parents are both Irish.I consider England to be my home however from my experience growing up there is lots of animosity toward the north from the south of Ireland-my mother once told me that the south wants nothing to do with the north and that is a view of a lot of Irish people.

Although i live and was born here-my family has been affected by both sides of this conflict-my great grandparents were killed by the British in 1917 and back in 1991 there was an IRA bomb which killed one person right near i was living and ironically i was a witness to a suspicious individual prior to the incident and was questioned at length by the police.

it is inbred

i do think Amathyst has a valid point here as in my experience this is true-without knowing it your brought up to hate-i have always felt suspicious of protestant Northern Irish people and i dont know why as i have never really had relationships with them to make this assumption-maybe its part of things my parents have said-i dont know.I try to be indifferent now as this kind of feeling and hostility does keep this kind of purpose alive and allows hatred on both sides never to be resolved.

I think everyone would like peace eventually but like Palestine and Israel-this conflict looks set to run and run probably forever

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