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Night school for polish language in Sheffield / West Yorkshire

1 Jul 2007 /  #1
Anybody know of any collage courses or night school courses in west yorks? as close to Bradford as possible. Cant seem to find anything. Id probably even pay for a private tutor
Michal - | 1,865  
4 Jul 2007 /  #2
Yes, there is someone called Yvona who can be contacted at Yvonka at who charges ten pounds per hour. You could go to a library and do it for yourself for free though. She is based in Bradford.
18 Jul 2007 /  #3
I have some family up there, one of whom works as a Polish/Russian interpreter in Bradford. My ex-wife was a teacher of Polish at the community centre near the church along Morley Street, they used to do all kinds of Polish courses there, but I'm going back quite a few years now.

I'll ask around and see if I can find out more, though.
5 Aug 2007 /  #4
I come from Poland and now I live in Bradford. My english and spanish is fluent like my polish, so if someone will be need lessons or interpreter can write me e-mail : urszula-81@hotmail and we will speak about this.
bignickkay - | 1  
5 Oct 2007 /  #5
[Moved from]: Learning Polish in the Sheffield / South Yorkshire area

Czesc to all, my name is nick and i currently live in sheffield. i am english and have a great desire to learn the polish language, continually over a long period of time. i am a student, so i can not afford to offer high financial return for teaching, may be if you would like to learn english i can assist with this. i am looking to find some one prepared to meet on a regular basis, possibly weekly. i have a desire to learn polish as i have in the past year met a piekny polish young lady who i have become very close too. i have visited Poland three times to meet her family and it is now critical that i learn the language so my relationship with them can progress. if you think you can may be help, please contact me.

one more question, does any one know of a polish corse or courses that can be completed at a college or language school in the sheffield area. thank you
22 Oct 2007 /  #6
My name is Sandra. I speak Polish - that's my original language. I can also speak fluent English and a little French.

I'm giving lessons of English for Polish people - 5 pounds an houer or 10 pounds for a group of 5 people.

I'm also givin the lessons of Polish language for all people who can speak english and would like to learn POLISH.

Lessons in the centre of Wakefield.
Mobile: 07510139330

22 Oct 2007 /  #7
Be handy if someone is in Doncaster :) for additional lessons :)

Wakey (Wakefield) is quite a trek for me
Davidow - | 6  
26 Oct 2007 /  #8
I'm receiving lessons in Polish from several of my Polish friends here in the uk (Rochdale / North Manchester).

Sanbru : I'm wondering how much extra benefit a structured course would be ?

Wakefield is a bit of a trek for me too, otherwise I'd be their before you could say 'Czesc'
bfc1980 - | 4  
28 Oct 2007 /  #9
I lived in Poland for 2 years so my Polish is ok, but now that I'm back in the UK I'd like to continue. Especially as I'll be returning to Poland quite often with my g/f and I really don't want to forget what I learnt in 2 years. I know I could speak Polish with my g/f but I want to learn as well as practice. Is there anyone in Leeds who can help me?
paulaminty - | 2  
8 Nov 2007 /  #10
hi i really want to learn polish for my chosen job when i get one as i feel that i can help the children i will be working with.

now that is the issuse too as i have no money all i can say is that you will be help the children who speak polish in an english school and their families
8 Nov 2007 /  #11 (Sheffield) has a polish female based in Sheffield offering lessons also you could post an ad on there yourself :) I have for assistance :)

Not sure on Sheffield .. know Doncaster college does a course and Joseph Priestley College in Leeds does ...
9 Nov 2007 /  #12
What's the average/fair price for Polish lessons in the UK?
Michal - | 1,865  
10 Nov 2007 /  #13
I am not sure about now but it used to be the case that Sheffield and London were the two only places in the united Kingdom that offered themselves as centres for G.C.S.E. Polish once a year in the May/June sitting. It was organized by Manchester Board but things may have changed since I did it fourteen years ago.
22 Nov 2007 /  #14
I presume i could help you if you're still interested in.
I'm polish native speaker living in UK for more than 3 years now.
I'm currently studying for PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities.
Give a buzz if you're still looking for someone to practice your polish with.
my email:lukkija@hotmail

Forgot to mention, Leeds and surroundings...
Debianco 19 | 111  
22 Nov 2007 /  #15
i am near newcastle i have a private polish tutor-but if there is anyone in the north

east anywhere who knows of group courses this is better to learn with a mixture of polish and english native speakers or we could form our own group
28 Nov 2007 /  #16
Related: Polish lessons South Yorkshire

hi guys serious request need to improve my polish, i have a very basic level. anyone wishing to give lessons in rotherham, doncaster area, poss two lesson a week.

Have you tried asking for lessons over Skype?. I advertised on and also found someone on this site It took a few tutors before I found the right one :-)

I have a friend who has a group lesson in Doncaster once a week. You're more than welcome to come along.
Any info, another Donny lad here interested in keeping my hand in with Polish?

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